Quick 5-minute how-to videos to teach you everything you need about Schedulicity.


Business Listing

This is what clients see when they find your listing on the Schedulicity Marketplace. Customize your address, contact info, hours, accepted payment types, website, and social links.

Appointment Calendar

View everything from appointments and personal time on the easy to read calendar. Access appointment details like specific notes, additional appointments for the day, and client details.

Classes & Workshops

Classes have their own dedicated calendar so you can easily track attendance in your class roster. Whether you call them sessions, bootcamps, or events, you can manage workshops like you would classes.

Importing Clients

We have multiple quick and easy options for you to get your clients added to Schedulicity. Get your clients imported today!

Enrolling Clients In Classes & Workshops

Once you have set up your classes and workshops, get your clients enrolled and your sessions filled up!

Client Communications

Create professional looking emails with your booking link and send them to specific client segments.

Text Reminders

Learn about adding text reminders so your clients are up to date at all times of their appointments!


Update your business policies to control when and how clients schedule online.

What Your Clients See

Take a look at what your clients will see when they schedule online with your business. We make it quick & easy and no more phone tag for you!


Learn how to charge your clients on a monthly recurrence for unlimited services, classes, and/or workshops.

Multiple Location Management

Manage all your locations under one account and your clients will be able to toggle between locations when booking.

Automated Email Marketing

Have emails automatically sent for thank you’s, birthdays, and reminders to book. Suggest services when someone is booking and track it all through our analytics.

Square Integration

Learn how to get your Schedulicity account integrated with Square. Enable the payment add-on and get swiping!

Package Management

Sell and track session-based packages for your clients. As your clients use those sessions, you can track how many they have remaining with that package.

Business App

Manage your Schedulicity business account on the go with the iOS app!

Personal Time

Block out personal time so clients can’t book during the times you need to step away (e.g. lunch, appointments, etc.).


Explore the add-ons and see how you can build a subscription plan that’s perfect for your business.

‘Book Now’ Button on Instagram & Facebook

Add Instagram and Facebook Book Now buttons to book more clients and appointments directly in the app.

Enable Instagram

Enable Instagram to show off your work on your Business Listing for your clients to view while they make appointments.

Deal Manager

Create specific deals on services and share with your clients in a marketing email.

Provider Profile

Set up your provider profiles. Add an image and bio in addition to offering services that your clients can schedule.

Client Booking

The basics of booking as a client online with all your favorite Schedulicity businesses.

Automated Marketing: Time To Book

Automatically remind your clients it is time to book their next visit with you based on the timeframe you set.

Automated Marketing: Birthday Emails

Automatically send your clients ‘Birthday’ emails with our Automated Marketing feature.

Automated Marketing: Thank You Emails

Automatically send your clients ‘Thank You’ email messages with our Automated Marketing feature.

Reset Password

Are you having trouble logging into your scheduling profile? Watch this video to reset your password to get signed in!


Be made aware of auto billing issues, unsigned waivers, and custom information about the client inside the roster.


Manage your waivers through your Schedulicity account, seeing who signed and who hasn’t when it’s most important.

Group Booking

Students can book online for themselves and up to five other friends. Encourage your clients to bring their whole squad.


With waitlists, clients can sign up to get in when there’s a last minute opening.