Update: 1/25/18

Sprint 13 Release Notes

Book it, confirm visit screen update

We’ve updated the book it process, specifically the Review & Book it page.

Promotions and packages available for selection are now listed on an “Extras” page instead of the Review & Book it page. Much like the iOS client app, all selected packages and promotions will display under the category name. If no promotions or packages are available, the extras page won’t display. If only packages or promotions are available, the other option won’t display. Packages will also show an expiration in months if an expiration is set.

Most of the changes on the Review & Book it page are minor. The Visit Details display the same as before (business name and logo, appt time, date, service, provider, and price). The edit has been moved outside of the details model and add a message was moved to the visit details area. Extras consolidates both packages and promotions in one list with an edit option.

The right hand column of the page shows all totals including amount due today and remaining balance. We’ve added additional info to the remaining balance with at “due at visit” note. Package and auto billing bypasses language hasn’t changed.

The book it button now reads “Book My Visit” instead of just “Book it.” On smaller screen sizes, the book it button will stick to the top of the page as a client scrolls. If additional information is needed, like credit card or address information, the book it button is disabled and the required information is highlighted in yellow. A message describing what’s required will also display.

The cancellation policy and no show policy are now displayed as a pop ups instead of inline text.

Surfacing package expiration info to clients when purchasing

We are now surfacing the package expiration info to clients purchasing packages online through the web application. Clients will see the expiration of the package to the right of the amount of sessions. Packages and promotions have been moved to their own screen and are no longer selectable from the book it screen.

Another thing to note with the new display of expiration is that the active package list from the preferences page will display the actual date the package is expiring and not just the amount of months.

Booking Reports Fix

Google and Facebook bookings are now included in the online booking count in booking reports.

Flat Fee Deposit

Business users are now able to collect a dollar amount deposit instead of a percentage deposit if they choose. The deposit amount cannot exceed the total price of the service, class or workshop-the user will receive an alert on attempting to save if the deposit is higher. If a provider’s price is less than the deposit amount, full price will be required at the time of booking. If a workshop has multiple sessions with different prices, the maximum amount for a flat fee deposit will be determined based on the highest-priced session in the workshop.

Improvements to the Create Appointment Page BTC

The client, service and provider search and select functions were updated to a more modern look and feel. In response to immediate negative feedback, we made the “No client selected,” “No services have been selected,” and “No provider has been set” watermarks clickable. When a user hovers over the watermarks, the div lights up to indicate that it is clickable. Users can also click the “clients,” “services” and “providers” buttons. When either the watermark or button is clicked, a modal with the new list design pops up.

Include classes and workshops in the ‘Haven’t scheduled since’ and ‘Haven’t scheduled online’ email marketing lists

Clients who have taken classes and/or workshops with the business are now included in the “Clients who have not scheduled since” and “Clients who have never scheduled online” email marketing recipient lists. Previously only those clients that had booked services with the business were included in the recipient lists.

Increase character count for provider, class and workshop descriptions

The business user is now able to enter up to 1000 characters in the provider, class and workshop description fields. Previously the description was limited to 256 characters

Change Add-ons Name to Promotions

We changed the naming conventions of the Add-ons feature in Marketing to Promotions; we did this for several reasons, partly in anticipation of the Advanced Marketing Add-on, but also to clear up confusion since we have also sell Add-ons to our customers and we already refer to the Add-ons as Add-on Promotions.  It also conveys the message a bit better to say that the feature is not JUST for getting clients to book additional items, but also allowing business to promote items (previously known Add-on Promotions) or services w/ the Advanced Marketing Add-on.

New Cancellation/Revert to Freemium Reason UX Workflow

We’ve made changes to the experience when a business elects to cancel their account or Revert to Freemium. Instead of free-form text we will now provide a required form of standard reasons. Users must select the most applicable reason for their situation.


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