Schedulicity Square Payment

Your favorite scheduler is now paired with your favorite payment processor.


As the leader in point of sale transactions, Schedulicity has teamed up with Square to allow you to collect payments right in your Schedulicity account! Collect payment at the end of a service, class or workshop, or require full pre-payment or partial deposit on any service, class or workshop.

And this integration includes all of Square’s features:
Same rate for all major cards
No monthly or hidden fees
Full PCI compliance included
Deposits in 1-2 business days with instant deposits available
Chargeback protection
Payment dispute assistance

Schedulicity Square Payment

Integration includes

  • Process an in-person payment using a Square magstripe reader, a Square Stand, or the Square contactless + chip reader
  • Accept full prepay or a deposit when a client books online
  • Require credit card information for a client to hold an appointment
  • Process refunds for Square in the transaction details of Schedulicity
  • Accept gratuity, charge for tax, allow discounts and send receipts
  • Accept Square payments and issue refunds in the iOS business app
  • Process Deal Manager and Fill My Book deals with Square

What it costs

The payment add-on (which is required to use Square) is only $5/month for single providers and $10/month for multiple providers. This add-on allows you to use Square without ever having to leave your Schedulicity account.

Square, the leader in point of sale payment processors, charges 2.75% per swipe, dip or tap; 2.9% + 30¢ per eCommerce API; and 3.5% + 15¢ per keyed-in transaction.

Benefits of linking your accounts

  • You can charge directly from Schedulicity — no need to go back and forth between apps
  • Transactions display on your appointments for quick accessibility
  • Refund directly from your appointments or from your complete transaction list within Schedulicity
  • Transactions will be accessible from your Schedulicity account for easy management (only transactions after the integration)
  • Accept prepayment, partial deposit, and hold with CC when clients book online
  • Export all of your transactions directly from Schedulicity
  • All transactions will be associated with your client’s record whether they pay in person or online


Get the Square payment feature added to your account in just a few simple steps!

Schedulicity Square Payment
Step 1.

First, make sure you have payment enabled on your account by going to the Settings tab and clicking the Subscription tile. Under add-ons, click “manage” and next to Payments, click “add”. Be sure to click save!

Schedulicity Square Payment
Step 2.

Next, go back to the Settings tab and click on the Payments tile. Click the blue “get connected with Square” button and either login or sign-up with Square.

Schedulicity Square Payment
Step 3.

Once your account is linked, go check it out! Just like payment before, you can charge a card from inside an appointment by clicking the green “checkout” button.

A note to Stripe users

If you love Stripe, not to worry—you can still use Stripe as your choice of processor. At this time, you can only be connected to one payment processor via Schedulicity. That means, if you connect to Square you will not be able to use your Stripe account through Schedulicity any longer. As a heads up, whatever client credit cards you have stored in Stripe will not be automatically moved over to your Square account if you switch processors. Have questions? Be sure to reach out to the rockstars!

Have questions regarding Square? Check out our FAQs here or chat with our rockstars by clicking on the purple bubble in the lower right-hand corner!