5 Signs You Need an Online Scheduling Calendar

Do you remember a time before the internet?

I know, it’s kind of hard. All I can think of are horse and buggies, growing your own food, and waking up by the daylight. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but technology has progressed quite a bit since the internet, and without question it’s made our lives better.

So why are we still using paper calendars for booking appointments?

Using a paper calendar instead of using an online scheduling calendar is like trying to cut the lawn or wash clothes by hand. I mean sure, it’s possible, but why would we punish ourselves like that?

So here are the top 5 obvious signs you need an online scheduling calendar, so you too can make working much easier.

1. You Are Still Using a Paper Calendar

Ahh yes, the paper calendar. Using them seems kind of quaint, like sending a telegram, or using a pay phone.

It almost harkens back to a simpler time. Almost.

The truth is, using a paper calendar for booking appointments is just outdated. Using a paper calendar is slow, cumbersome, and prone to errors. How many times has the phone rang when you’re right in the middle of an appointment?Now you’re fumbling around, looking for a pen while you’re finding your next available appointment.

What’s even better is when one of your employees has horrible handwriting, and you can’t tell what’s going on next to that giant coffee stain! In today’s modern age, working like this is simply archaic and unnecessary. Use online scheduling software to make your life easier.

2. You Are Wasting Time Answering the Phone

How much time do you think you spend answering calls to schedule a client’s appointment? One, two, three minutes per call?

Now, how many clients are you scheduling like this? Ten calls a day could end up being 20-30 minutes. That could be another booked client or even a lunch break!

Online scheduling software frees you up from all those phone call distractions, which can really add up. As a service provider, your time is your money. Shouldn’t you have more of both?

3. You Don’t Have Money For a Receptionist

It would be nice to have someone answer the phones full-time. Answer the phones, schedule and plan the work day, maybe even go on a coffee run.

But as a small business, that’s a luxury that’s simply not realistic. With an online scheduling calendar, you’re getting a virtual receptionist that books appointments and plans your work calendar 24/7, no sick days or holidays.

4. You Are Making Booking Mistakes And Errors

Paper calendars are prone to mistakes and errors. Errors can happen in the different ways mentioned above, but also in many other ways.

Have you double-booked on accident before?

Did you have an appointment scheduled when you were on vacation?

Or have you simply thought you scheduled an appointment for 1 PM, but it was actually at 11 AM?

When dealing with a lot of clients, it’s easy to see how some of the scheduling details can slip through the cracks, especially when you’re already super busy. If you find yourself constantly making scheduling mistakes, it may be time to consider using an online scheduling calendar.

5. Your Client List Is In Your Phone Contacts

Are you guilty of this? You know, the service provider that mixes business contacts a little too close with your personal contacts? Are you sending out mass texts for your business updates, creating one big group text with you and your clients?

Not only does this look unprofessional, but you are exposing your clients’ data and potentially putting them at unnecessary risk. Not good.

Online scheduling software makes reminding and updating your clients super effective and easy. Send individual emails and text reminders automatically, and keep your business life and personal life from becoming a reality tv soap opera.

If any one of these signs related to you, strongly consider using an online scheduling calendar for your business.

It’s time to finally get into the 21st century.

Make the upgrade to online scheduling software and modernize the way you do business.

Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran

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