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Schedulicity’s business grant program that awards $5,000 to lucky, deserving businesses each month.

At Schedulicity, our mission is to help our community of business owners to become successful entrepreneurs. We understand it’s hard to start or grow your small business, and sometimes the difference between struggling every week and taking your business to the next-level frankly comes down to money. You have the passion and talent, but need a little extra dough in the bank.

This program helps our motivated businesses take that next step.

How to enter

Get in on the magic with a simple Instagram post:

  • Create a post

    Post a video or photo on Instagram explaining how you would use the money.

  • Watch the gram

    Watch our Instagram, @schedulicity, to see our winners announced at different events every month (need not be present to win).

Past winners

Meet some of the winners of our $5,000 business grant program.

Premiere Orlando #SchedulicityCares Hair Winner Hannah Woodward

Hannah Woodward

Submission video
Winning Post

“I have been working on switching my online scheduling for all of you to try and make it easier to make appointments with me. The app I have now converted over to is Schedulicity, and I loveeeeeeeeee it, I’m sure all of you will to! As I see you all for your future appointments I’ll show you whatever you need to know about making future appointments. (Not trying to sound like an ad) but Schedulicity genuinely wanted to make it easier for both the stylist and the client. It’s going to save us both time, its going to save us the game of phone tag, and you can make your appointments anytime you want to.”

First #SchedulicityCares barber winner, Donald Conley

Donald Conley

Submission video
Grant video

“Can’t say enough about how this man [CEO, Jerry Nettuno] along with @barbershopconnect helped not only enhanced the business model for us… but reinvigorated some more of the positivity that we are trying to focus on in our city. Thank you @schedulicity and BSC… I can’t wait to see who’s next!”

#SchedulicityCares Elizabeth Faye Hair Love Retreat Winner Kylie Borchers

Kylie Borchers

Submission video
Grant story highlights

“I signed up with @schedulicity and let go of some control to gain more quality time with my family at home (instead of being on my phone booking appointments all the time). Well I can’t even begin to tell you how WORTH it it’s been. My quality of life has gone up so much since using Schedulicity. I am much more present when I am at home now and my schedule is still exactly how I want it. I have never seen a company in this industry so passionate to help other hair stylists. From their booking system, customer service, and mission to support small business owners…. #schedulicitycares The biggest thank you to @schedulicity, @heyelizabethfaye and @hairloveretreat for changing my life in so many ways. I hair love you all!”

First #SchedulicityCares hair winner, Amanda Lyberger

“Before I got Schedulicity, I would wake up with 50+ messages on various social media platforms about booking appointments. After a year of running my own suite, I genuinely considered giving up and going to work for a salon with a receptionist because the hours of correspondence on top of my normal work hours were wearing me very thin. Schedulicity saved my business and my sanity. Now, it’s been three years with virtually no bumps in the road, and they’re providing me with a massive opportunity for growth in my life again. With the $5,000 Schedulicity Cares grant, I’ll be able to seamlessly move from my hometown to the city I love and create the salon of my dreams. I cannot thank Schedulicity enough, from all my years in the hair industry I have never worked with a company that actually cares about people like they do.”