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Use these images on your social platforms to help spread the word that you’re on Schedulicity! You can even use the images to post in your business.
Simply open the image, right-click on it, click “Save image as…” and then it’s yours to share with your clients!

Want to have a little more fun with Facebook? Use these .gifs on your page to create engagement and excitement about booking an appointment with you!

Simply open the .gif, copy it’s URL, and paste it into a post on Facebook.


Follow these instructions to put Schedulicity conveniently right on your website or Facebook page!


To book directly from your website!



Step 1.

Login into your WordPress dashboard. In the Plugins section, click “Add New” and search for Schedulicity. Click “Install Now” and don’t forget to click “Activate” once it has installed. 


Step 2.

Now you’ll need to insert your business key which can be found in your Schedulicity marketing page, in the section called Widgets. In your WordPress dashboard, under settings, click on “Schedulicity Setup” and insert your 6 digit business key. Click “Save Business Key.”


Step 3.

You have two options for the widget:
1. Insert a button into a page using the shortcode generated after picking a button style and size. (This button will link directly to your marketplace listing on
2. Insert a widget into a page using the shortcode generated after picking the embedded or overlay option. (This allows for customers to book directly on your website)



Step 1.

In your Schedulicity account, navigate to your marketing page (the megaphone icon on the left hand side of your screen). Click on “Widgets”. 

*If you are not an admin on the account, you won’t have access to the marketing page. Contact your admin to gain access.


Step 2.

In the “Schedule Now Buttons” section at the top of the page, pick the size of button you would like on your website. You can also click on “change color/style” to pick the color of button you want. 


Step 3.

Once you’ve picked out the button you want, find the code at the bottom of the section. Copy the code to paste into your website wherever you want it. This will automatically link back to your Schedulicity marketplace listing where people can book with you!


To book directly from your Facebook page!




Step 1.

In your Schedulicity account, navigate to your marketing page (the megaphone icon on the left hand side of your screen). Click on “Widgets”. 

*If you are not an admin on the account, you won’t have access to the marketing page. Contact your admin to gain access.


Step 2.

On the bottom of the page, click “Add the tab to your page”. This will take you to a Facebook URL.

Don’t forget to copy your business key. 


Step 3.

Click “Add the tab” button. Pick which page you’d like to add the button to. You need to be an admin on the Facebook page to be able to add the plugin.
Once you’ve picked a page, make sure you paste your business key into the next spot on the screen, and hit “Save.”

Now go check out your Facebook page and find your Schedulicity schedule now button the left hand side of the screen!


Every reason you need to get a Schedulicity account.

3 Reasons Why You Need Schedulicity

If you’re a small business and still make your appointments in that old, worn out paper flip book, your life is about to get easier with Schedulicity. Our online scheduler has a variety of different features to help you customize your appointment calendar the right way for you. So why exactly do you need Schedulicity? Buckle down, throw out your old appointment book, and get ready for three reasons why you need this easy-to-use online appointment scheduler.

You’ll have more time: This goes across all channels – whether it’s making time to spend with your clients instead of making sure they’re scheduled or more time to run your business. Your time is valuable, so wasting it writing down your client’s name, their contact info, and changing it accordingly is taking up a lot of it. With the unique features that our online scheduler offers, you can value your time the right way without having to worry about whose going where in your appointment book.

The Benefits to Using Schedulicity’s Online Scheduling Software

Would you believe us if we told you that you actually might be losing business when using your old appointment book? Think about it in terms of what people have with them when they’re going about their busy lives – their phones, tablets, and computers. Doesn’t it make sense to have yourself available to them on those channels? With Schedulicity’s online scheduling software, you can be available to them on the go, at their homes, and wherever else they may be. Want to learn the benefits of using the ground-breaking software in your business? Here are some of the best features to add to your Schedulicity:

Fill My Book™- Have an opening or a large block of time in your schedule and want to book it quick? With our Fill My Book feature, your online scheduling software also takes on a new face – deal generator. It will generate a deal based on your guidelines and availability, making it easier to get new or old clients through the door.

Multiple Service Scheduling – Ever have a client come through the door looking for one thing, but asking for a number of other services to be done as well? With our Multiple Service Scheduling feature, your clients can pick and choose what they would like done in their next appointment within our online scheduling software, making it easier for you to earn more money per session.

Mobile App – On the go, everyone looks to their phones or other devices for just about anything you can imagine – even scheduling. With our online scheduling software’s mobile app feature, you can allow your clients to schedule directly from their Smartphone. That means no matter where they may be in the world; they can find an appointment in your system that works for them.

With the world at their fingertips, your new and old clients will be grateful that you’ve updated appointment book with Schedulicity’s online scheduling software and great features. Getting people in through your door has never been easier and more versatile with

Don’t forget it’s FREE! Sign up today!

Schedulicity: Premium Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Schedulicity provides busy business owners with a premium-grade advanced planning and scheduling system designed to meet any business requirement. Schedulicity’s advanced planning and scheduling is designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size, but it is particularly useful for small business owners. Satisfied customers include owners of hair salons, medical offices, auto mechanic shops, accountant services and more. The software is flexible enough to use in almost any business setting, yet it is powerful enough to meet any demand.

Running a business is hard work, and that is why Schedulicity was developed. Many features maximize the productivity of the enterprise by allowing seamless scheduling to occur through an online portal. This feature alone can eliminate a lot of the confusion and conflicts associated with traditional scheduling practices. For example, one of the biggest scheduling problems concerns the process of confirmation. When an appointment is canceled, the business loses revenue. With the convenient reminder system, clients will be informed of their next appointment every time.

Generating Business with Schedulicity

Schedulicity’s advanced planning and scheduling allows business owners to reduce the amount of time necessary to book appointments, send out reminders, create email marketing letters and receive instant feedback when customers book an appointment. The clients will notice a dramatic increase in the quality of service because the office staff will have more time available to meet these needs.

Attracting new customers is a top priority for business owners. The software’s marketing materials are a part of this integrated system. It allows clients to book their appointments with ease. This adds convenience for the client by allowing them to make appointments without using the phone during business hours. Many clients simply do not have the time to get everything done during normal work hours. This system offers a considerable market advantage. Provide customers with easy scheduling options, and encourage them to choose your business to meet their needs.

Saving Time with Schedulicity

Save time and reduce redundant activities by using the integrated marketing system contained within the software. Send out email alerts using professional templates designed to be customized for use with your logo and graphics. Clients consistently respond to businesses that have a professional appearance on their email notifications. Changing an appointment with Schedulicity’s advanced planning and scheduling is just as easy, and it does not require anyone to spend precious time on the phone to make the adjustment. The entire system is designed to be easy to use, so the learning curve is minimal.

Why Using Our Online Scheduling Calendar Is a Smart Move for Any Business

With online reviews becoming more and more influential, customer satisfaction has never been as important as it is today, especially if you work in a service-oriented industry. Schedulicity, our online scheduling calendar, streamlines and simplifies client management, putting everything from booking to marketing at your fingertips. Whether you’re a doctor with a private practice or the manager of a small hair salon, here’s how making Schedulicity a part of your digital tool set can help you take your business to the next level.

Get More Time to Grow Your Business

Schedulicity’s advanced online scheduling calendar is jam-packed with features designed to help you make, market and manage reservations at the blink of an eye so that you can spend less time on the phone and more time doing what really counts: moving your business forward.

Make Your Computer-Savvy Clients Happy

Now that almost every household has a fast-speed Internet connection, many people prefer the ease of online booking over calling reception. With Schedulicity’s online scheduling calendar, your clients can use a variety of online platforms to book their own appointments directly, which ups the convenience factor for them and makes your job easier.

Drive More Business without Doing More Work

When someone isn’t working your reception desk, potential clients who call in are more likely to look for similar businesses that offer instant reservations than leave a call-back voicemail on your answering machine. With your online scheduling calendar running around the clock, you never have to worry about losing new leads to a dial tone. Plus, you can monitor both new bookings and your own calendar remotely using Schedulicity’s mobile application. 

Build a Stronger Online Presence

While your competitors are limiting their Facebook pages to updates and background information, you could be using Schedulicity’s user-friendly application to book appointments directly from your profile – in addition to integrating our digital booking widget into your main website.

Improve Your Quality of Life

The aim of our online scheduling calendar is to automate every aspect of client management, a traditionally manual task that can take up a big chunk of your daily schedule. Besides freeing up more time and resources for building your business, streamlining the booking process cuts back on the amount of hours you need to spend at work. With a lighter schedule load, you can lead a more balanced lifestyle – the key to staying healthy and happy as your business continues to evolve.

Don’t Miss Out on Life – Grab Our Online Scheduling Software

Imagine a tired business owner, closing the doors of her business after a long day. “What I wouldn’t give for an extra five or six hours per week!” she thinks wistfully. Suddenly, there is a loud pop and a flash of light. In front of her stands a magician, complete with top hat and wand. “Your wish has come true,” he exclaims. He hands her a simple white card with a single word written in bold print: “Schedulicity.”

Over the next few weeks, our entrepreneur finds out through experience that the magician was absolutely right in recommending this well-respected piece of online scheduling software. Indeed, she learns that over 10 million satisfied customers have booked more than three billion appointments since Schedulicity came on the scene in 2009. By getting set up with Schedulicity, the most complete and streamlined online scheduling platform available today, she realizes that she has freed up several hours each week. What’s more, her business seems to be running like clockwork. Best of all, her customers are happy.

How can one simple piece of online scheduling software live up to these claims? Its benefits are numerous:

  • World-class support
  • Flexible tools that you can customize to fit your needs
  • Enables your clients to book their own appointments
  • Shows clients only the times that remain available in an easy-to-use online scheduling format
  • Provides automatic appointment reminders
  • Software allows you to set and change your own online scheduling rules whenever you want
  • Dual view calendar lets you see one view, while your customers receive another. They get simplicity; you have privacy.

No business can thrive unless people know it exists and can readily access its online scheduling tool. Schedulicity has these requirements fully covered. Whether customers are making appointments from your website, your Facebook page, or the Schedulicity website, you have ready access to all the tools you need to make online scheduling go smoothly every time.

Do you want to find out just how much this feature-packed software can add to your business? Sure, you could wait for Merlin to appear in front of you, but why not take your future into your own hands? After all, Schedulicity is absolutely FREE, no credit card required. Don’t miss out on a program that can magically give you five to six extra hours in a week, it’s worth every penny—and then some.

The Benefits of Using Online Calendars for Your Business

The days of using paper scheduling calendars are coming to an end. With more emphasis being placed on saving the planet’s natural resources, more businesses are opting for as many paperless solutions as possible. One way to do this is to do away with paper calendars by using online calendars. Online versions take up less space, do not require writing and are much more convenient overall. Managing online calendars still requires a great deal of work, which can take up valuable time. To save time and money, using an online management service is the best option. There are several added benefits with this option.

Multiple Service Scheduling

Every company knows the importance of maintaining a client’s business. Some may choose to send out coupons or fliers from time to time, and others may call clients to see if they need additional services later on. An even less expensive option is to offer multiple service scheduling. This allows clients to set up their current service needs and additional services in the future.

Mobile Apps

One of the biggest benefits of using online calendars and management services is the availability of mobile apps. With more people relying on their phones to do just about everything these days, companies wanting to stay ahead of their competition must have mobile apps. In addition to giving clients the ability to book the services they need with just a few taps on their screen, mobile apps give business owners the ability to manage and review their online calendars on the go.

Calendar Filling

Cancellations are inevitable for any business. Filling last-minute openings requires juggling and strategy at times. With the convenience of an online calendar management service, cancelled appointments can be filled with ease. The best part is that they do not require hours of rescheduling and appointment juggling from the business owner or manager.

The main benefit of using online calendars and management options is that more time can be spent on business planning, client services and client retention tactics. With plenty of competition in every industry today, keeping clients happy is the only way to keep them. Using online services for scheduling appointments can cut out several hours of work each week, and that time can be spent drawing more revenue instead. offers a broad selection of online calendar management services, which include all benefits listed above and more.

Save Time, Money, and Resources by Using our Online Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling service appointments is a difficult task, and any business owner who has spent more than a month or so doing this understands why. Most people today use a computer program, but online appointment scheduling services are even more beneficial and require less work. With online appointment scheduling, you have more time to focus on what is really important.

Grow Your Business

This should always be your top priority. Growing your business ensures your survival in an increasingly competitive world. To do that, you need to make sure your scheduling program is flawless and efficient. provides online appointment scheduling tools, but they also give you additional tools to reach a wider audience. When your satisfied clients see how easy it is to book appointments, they may tell their friends. Nothing is more valuable for business growth than positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Save Time

Most people spend more than five hours each week dealing with a paper calendar or a computerized scheduling program. These still require a great deal of input, and they also require thought and juggling skills when clients cancel or reschedule. You may even spend upward of 10 hours per week, which is valuable time you could be spending reaching out to clients to follow up on their satisfaction. Alternately, you could be using this time to develop new strategies to grow your business or complete other necessary tasks. With an online scheduling option, you have automated tools to juggle your schedule for you. Clients can book current appointments and appointments for future services at the same time. This saves you the time of having to call to remind them.

Enjoy More Free Time

When you save time with the tedious task of scheduling, you have time to get more work done. When you get all of your work done and do not have to contribute extra hours, you have more free time to enjoy life. Spend time with your friends or family. Take a couple hours to go play golf. Go enjoy a relaxing lunch out and a well-earned break. The possibilities are endless, but having more time to enjoy life will benefit you in many ways.’s online appointment scheduling services also come with mobile capabilities. You can use apps to manage your calendar, and clients can use the online appointment scheduling app to book appointments.

Why You Should Pick Schedulicity for your Online Appointment Scheduler

Your firm thrives on its ability to make and keep appointments. Sure, the quality of the services you provide plays a big role in determining your ultimate success, but you must deliver these services to your consumers before your firm can grow. The Schedulicity appointment scheduler forges better customer relationships by making it easier to honor your commitments.

A Calendar That Won’t Tie You Down

What sets Schedulicity apart from other calendar and scheduling apps? Unlike your typical appointment scheduler, this application lets you bring your organization tools with you. Instead of having to check in with the office when you should be out talking to business partners, providing estimates or running crucial errands, you can carry your planner on your phone or mobile device to save valuable time.

Easing the Intake Process

In addition to letting business leaders schedule on the go, Schedulicity’s web integration fosters customer interaction. Why force someone to call you for an appointment after they’ve already visited your website? Instead, add a Schedulicity client appointment scheduler to your page to let people make their own appointments based on your current availability. New appointments automatically show up in your private calendar viewer, so it’s much easier to avoid double booking and identify your highest demand periods.

This appointment scheduler also works on Facebook and other social media sites, making it great for those who thrive on brand interaction. SEO-conscious firms love the fact that scheduling widgets are easily searchable via Google and other major engines. The ability to perform advanced scheduling operations, like designating vacations in advance and modifying service availability, makes it easier to present your consumers with a unified business front.

Keeping Up with Packed Schedules

Worried about no-shows? The appointment scheduler also lets you hold bookings with a valid credit card, reducing the chances that you’ll end up wasting money while you sit on your hands with nothing to do. If you still find yourself with free time, you can use the schedule filler app to book last minute openings.

Of course, not every business is as lively as its owners prefer. To flesh out your day, try using the Schedulicity appointment scheduler to drum up some excitement. Adjust service prices, create special promotions, market with email campaigns, and make it easier for people to find you by developing a customized search portal listing.

Schedulicity lets you save time and money by making common tasks less work-intensive, and business owners love using it to grow their firms. Learn more at

How Our Online Scheduling System Can Help Put More Hours in Your Day

Nowadays, most people expect the businesses that they patronize to have simple, flexible, and reliable reservation methods. If you purchased our online scheduling system at Schedulicity, you’d instantly give your company just such a structure. Indeed, you’d never again need to worry about double bookings or any other scheduling misunderstandings.

The Schedulicity online scheduling system, which includes a variety of different Internet calendars and booking components, comes with many helpful features. Even so, it’s uncomplicated, and you can start using it right away. The program is also highly customizable. For example, if you want to arrange it so that certain customers can book multiple appointments at once, you can easily do so.

Further, your clients can reserve their visits in various ways: in person, over the phone, with text messages, on your website, or via their social media platforms. That’s truly beneficial since the more ways a potential customer can book an appointment with you, the more likely it is that he or she will give your business a try. In a similar way, thanks to the mobile app that this online scheduling system comes with, you can use your Android smartphone or your iPhone to review and manage all of your scheduling.

Not to mention, with this online scheduling system, you’ll never again have to lose customers because your office is closed for the night or the weekend when they call. Rather, people can use Schedulicity’s tools to book a visit with you at any hour and on any day. Its website also has a search function that will allow consumers to find you whenever they’re looking for the products or services that you sell.

What’s more, you probably dislike it when a person cancels shortly before his or her appointment. However, when this happens, you can use the Schedulicity feature Fill My Book to solicit spur-of-the-moment visitations from your customers. You just offer them a special bargain in exchange for coming to see you right away.

You can also use this service to handle many of your marketing tasks, email advertising campaigns in particular. With such a campaign, you can target the customers who’d be most interested in a certain deal, and you can send them a link that they can click to participate in the promotion.

Finally, just consider all the time that this online scheduling system could save you and your staff. Without it, scheduling can certainly cause metaphorical headaches on a routine basis.

Schedulicity: The Scheduling Software Solution

Business owners can decrease the amount of time necessary to conduct basic operational tasks with the right software. This allows the business to allocate this time to more important tasks, which can increase revenues and improve the overall performance of the organization. The best online appointment scheduling software can achieve these goals through a user-friendly interface and an internal structure that reduces the learning curve. When scheduling clients is easy and accurate, the business can improve in a variety of important areas.

Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Business owners often view online appointment scheduling software systems as if these features amount to a fancy calendar. However, many features are designed to apply the best practices in the industry to the common problems involving customer retention. Consider the benefits of having the ability to schedule appointments from any online platform on any digital device, for example. This feature alone is friendly to customers who use the Internet during all hours of the day or night. It can collect critical information about the customer and customize informative content suitable for each client’s unique situation.

Consider the following features of any online appointment scheduling software solution:

  • Ease of use for the business
  • Appointment availability
  • Cancellations and rescheduling options
  • Administration abilities
  • Email marketing

Investing in a good online appointment scheduling software can improve basic business functions and reduce the amount of time necessary to perform these essential tasks. Although businesses of all sizes rely on these features to create appointments and confirm them, small business owners stand to gain the most from the improved workflow. Each hour saved can be used to perform other critical tasks, and the ability to streamline this process allows a small business to remain competitive. Each solution can be adjusted as the business environment changes, so these solutions remain relevant even into the future.

Other Common Benefits

Business owners who use high-performing online appointment scheduling software can enjoy more out of life. Even as the daily operation of the business becomes more efficient, the owner can allocate additional spare time to other important areas. This includes continuing education study as well as extra hours to spend with friends or family members. Each solution can be crafted to accommodate the specific type of business because this software is flexible enough to meet the needs of accountants, salons, restaurants and many other types of businesses. For additional information, contact our friendly Support Rockstars.

Improve Your Business with an Online Schedule Planner

Making an appointment is an essential part of any business, big or small. These appointments can be with clients, business partners, employees, investors and more. With so much going on, keeping track of the schedule can be easier said than done.

This is why an online schedule planner from Schedulicity is such a smart move. If a business wants to grow, it needs to streamline its planning, and traditional methods can only go so far. Just consider what Schedulicity can do for you.

Save Time

It is said that time is money. For a growing business, this adage is especially true. More to the point, lost time is lost money, which is why a more efficient scheduling process is a great way to improve overall proficiency in the workplace. An online schedule planner produces real time results, allowing business owners, employees and clients to manage their schedules in an interactive environment.

Increase Revenue

With an online schedule planner, it is not just about streamlining your current system. Instead, Schedulicity allows you to expand your scheduling parameters, thereby increasing your potential profits. This planning tool allows appointments to be made online via email, social media and more. Now clients can book appointments through popular sites such as Facebook or Yelp! for increased visibility with little additional cost.

Reduce Mistakes

In the past, most businesses used paper and pencil schedules. This was not only inefficient, but it also was prone to errors that led to conflicts and lost revenue. By using an online schedule planner, mistakes are nearly eliminated altogether. After all, it is impossible to overbook with Schedulicity, and since businesses have access to all schedule information in one, easy to use location, there is never any reason to miss an appointment or overlook a commitment.

Receive Support

With Schedulicity, businesses are never alone. When you use an online schedule planner, you not only have access to the best scheduling technology, but you also have access to a team of skilled staff, ready to help with any problems you may have. This can help make the transition to online scheduling especially easy, and the long term support ensures that your business can prosper with Schedulicity for years to come.

Make the Change Today

You have plans for your business, so do not let them fall through. By working with Schedulicity, we can help you bring all your plans to fruition.

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