The Power of Culture

This is an ongoing series that will talk about how to run a successful service-based business. Whether you are a hair stylist, a massage therapist, a barber, esthetician, or yoga studio, these posts are for you.

If you have ever contacted Schedulicity’s customer service team, you will quickly get a sense of what our culture is like. We respond quickly. We apologize even faster if we did something wrong. We are forever thankful that someone is our customer. And we empathize with the challenges of running a small business. In short, we care, a lot!

To that end, a couple of weeks ago, we launched a new grant program called #SchedulicityCares as a way to give back to the community that supports us and to continue exemplifying what we stand for, both to you, our customer, and our employees. Schedulicity Cares is a $5000 grant given monthly to one of our customers who tells us how a helping hand will transform their lives and their business.

Our most recent recipient of the “Cares” grant was Donald Conley, a barber from the Compton area of Los Angeles.

Donald applied for the grant so that he could add space to his salon where local kids could come and play after school in a safe environment. Awarding Donald a grant was a no-brainer for us.

I have told you what we at Schedulicity stand for. But the real lesson in this blog post is to ask yourself what you stand for? What is the culture you want to build for your practice and your small business? Even doing the most basic things like sending out thank you notes and birthday wishes to your clients can have a profound impact on your reputation and your bottom line. It shows your clients what you are about and builds customer loyalty. And it makes for good business.

According to our customer database at Schedulicity, the service providers who take the time to show their clients some love (like sending out thank you and birthday emails) make a whopping 61% more than the businesses that don’t.  

That is an insane difference.

And the great thing about a platform like Schedulicity is that you can automate sending out those emails. Check out our Automated Marketing feature here.

Technology is here to make your life easier and more profitable. Use it.

We constantly read about how hard it is to run a small business, how the failure rates are high. But I am here to say that there are little things you can do to raise your chances of success dramatically. A little thank you note will do that in spades, because in the end you become more than just the service you provide. You stand for your values.

Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers

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