Schedulicity Square Payment


Square allows Schedulicity businesses to collect payment for their appointments, classes and workshops, in person or online.


Between running your own business, keeping up-to-date with new technologies, and maintaining your personal life, we know you don’t have time to waste on complicated scheduling software. With Schedulicity, get the easiest online scheduler, marketing tool, client management database, and reporting center all in one. It’s the business partner that works 24/7 so you don’t have to!


One for appointments,
one for classes

With separate calendars for appointments and classes, you can easily see what your upcoming week holds. Add or edit any appointments, categorize by color, switch between providers’ calendars and access appointment details with a simple click. On the class calendar, see enrollments at a glance, enroll new clients and make changes to classes that clients are automatically notified of. We want to make your schedules as easy to navigate and control as you need.

Easy-to-use marketing tools

Included in your Schedulicity account, you’ll find marketing tools to help promote your business and get your schedule filled. Our email marketing tool lets you segment your clients and send them an email with our easy-to-use template. The Fill My Book tool helps you get those hard-to-fill spots booked by setting a certain number of deals on your services. Our deal manager allows you to offer any discount on any service, class or workshop you have. Your business will be listed on where clients can discover you based on your business type, name, or offerings.


An app for you

Your dashboard lets you know what’s coming up that day. In the calendar, add or edit appointments or classes. Manage clients, add new ones on the go and even add photos to their profiles. Check in your clients for classes and workshops as they come in. Your app is personalized and syncs to your Schedulicity account.


And one for your clients, too

Clients can manage any appointments, classes or workshops they’ve booked in the Schedulicity client-side app. They’ll receive reminders for bookings and can browse through them at anytime. They can even rebook, reschedule and cancel right from the app.

Schedulicity Add-ons

Pay only for what you need

Schedulicity can’t really be FREE, right? Yes it can. You have all of our main features for free! You have access to 20 appointments a month, unlimited class scheduling and unlimited workshop scheduling. Then, when you get really excited, add to your account our simple add-ons: unlimited appointment scheduling, automatic client text reminders, package management, auto billing, multiple location management and online payment. This means no trial period, so fall in love with Schedulicity at your own pace, and only add what you want!

You’re always supported

Because support is always free, no matter what. Whether you have some questions about signing up or you’ve been with us for 10 years, we’re always here to answer every question, walk you through a process or simply chat! Our support rockstars are full of knowledge and equipped with videos, tutorials, articles and quick-sheets to help you fix or learn anything Schedulicity-related. Feel free to check it out now by clicking on the bubble in the lower-left hand corner!

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Schedulicity teamed up with Square so you can accept payments for your appointments, classes and workshops without ever leaving your Schedulicity account! Use Square’s magstripe reader, chip and NFC reader, swipe stand, or simply type in the credit card number, all in your appointment details or when you’re checking clients in for classes or workshops. Making payments easier than ever, with your favorite scheduler and payment processor all in one!

Schedulicity Square Payment

“When @schedulicity emails you to let you know they’re going to integrate with @square – dreams DO come true!”
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