Easily manage packages for your client’s
appointments, classes & workshops


Easily track and manage all of your client’s appointment, class, and workshop packages.

With the Package Management add-on you have the ability to sell and track session-based packages for your clients. As your clients use those sessions, you can track how many they have remaining with that package. For example, you might sell a client 6 sessions for the price of 5, or simply treat it like a “punch card” for multiple sessions that they’ve already paid for.

  • View and track client packages right from their client profile.
  • Ability to decrement packages from appointment details and class/workshop check-in.
  • Use within the business mobile app, too!

Just like payment and client text reminders, package management is another add-on, so you add it to your account only if you need it.

To access your packages, head to the “Settings” tab and click the “Packages” tile. (If you don’t see the package tile, you need to first get the package add-on under the Subscription tile!) You’ll either see a message to create your first package or will view a list of all existing packages. Here you can create, edit or discontinue packages! 

To apply a package to an appointment, access the appointment in your calendar tab and click the green “Checkout” button. The blue “apply a package” button on the checkout pop-up will allow you to pick which package you want to apply and how many sessions to decrement.

To add a package to checkout, e.g. if a client wants to buy a package that they can immediately apply to their purchase, click the “+ add item” and pick “Add package”. You can then apply the package to the appointment and continue checkout!

To apply a package to a class or workshop, click the class/workshop in your calendar. In the session roster, next to the enrollees, click on the green “checkout” button and follow the same steps as you would for an appointment! It’s that simple!

Check out more FAQs below!


Get the package management feature added to your account in just a few simple steps!

Step 1.

In your account, navigate to the settings page (the cog icon on the left-hand navigation) and click into the “Subscription” page. 

Step 2.

In this page, under Add-ons, click the blue “manage” button. In the Package Management box, click the option to “add”. Then, be sure to click “save”.

Step 3.

Now go check it out! Navigate to Settings – Packages. You will be able to view, create and edit new packages here!


We’re not just giving you the package management feature on the website, it’s now built right into your app! 

First, make sure you have the app. You can download it on the App Store, here. Then, make sure you have the package management add-on on your account using the steps above.

For appointments, open the appointment and in the checkout, select “apply a package” and follow the steps to complete checkout.

For classes and workshops, when checking in attendees, click the “choose a package” option and follow the steps to complete check-in. Voila!


The package management add-on is available for a LIMITED TIME at only $5/month for single providers and $10/month for multiple providers. You can add or remove the package management add-on at anytime! Get the add-on today, you’ll be glad you did, and so will your clients! I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal?


How much does it cost?

The Packages add-on is available for a LIMITED TIME for only $5/month for single provider/instructors and $10/month for multiple provider/instructors.

How do I get the Packages feature?

To enable the Packages feature in your account, just navigate to Settings – Subscription within your Schedulicity account and select “manage” under the add-ons section. Choose “add” next to the Packages add-on and be sure to save your changes. 

How do I create packages?

Set-up is simple! Once the add-on is enabled, you’ll see a “Packages” tile under Settings. Here, you can select “add new” to get started. Enter a name for your package that is easily understood at a glance and description if you’d like. Add the number of sessions included in the package as well as a price if applicable. Select Save and you are good to go! When you add the package to a client (in their client profile or during Checkout on an appointment/course), you’ll also be able to choose an expiration date or “no expiration date.”

How can I manage my clients' packages?

All of a client’s active packages are displayed in their profile so you’ll have easy access to how many sessions are remaining or when that package might expire. You can click into the history to see when and for-what a package was used or you can select Edit to make any changes you may need to the remaining sessions or expiration date.

Will my clients be able to see packages?

Clients are unable to view and manage packages within their client profile.

Can I sell packages?

If a client would like to purchase a package, you can use the Checkout feature on any appointment, class or workshop reservation to add a package to the client. This integrates seamlessly with Schedulicity’s Payment add-on if you would also like to do a charge for that sale. If the package purchase isn’t associated to any specific reservation, you can also go directly to the client’s profile under Clients and add the package there.

How do I decrement a client's package? Is it automatic?

There are several ways to easily decrement a package for a client. When you check a client in on a class or workshop roster, their package will be automatically decremented by one session. If you are viewing the details of a reservation, you can also select “checkout” to manually apply a package to a service visit or class/workshop enrollment. If your client does not yet have a package, you can add a new one here as well as decrement it immediately.

Can clients book online with a package?

In conjunction with Schedulicity’s payment add-on, the Packages feature allows clients to hold their booking with a package on file. In your class, workshop or service settings, you can allow clients with active packages to book a payment-preference class, workshop or service without requiring their card information. This holds the class spot or service time without decrementing the package. When the client arrives, you can check them in with one click on the class or workshop roster and their package will be automatically decremented. (Clients without a package will need to enter card information to hold, or prepay for the appointment according to your settings. )

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