How Schedulicity’s Search Portal Helps You Book New Clients

At Schedulicity, we have your business’s growth at the front of our minds. We want to make sure you know how our online scheduling app works for you, so you know how to get the most your account.

Our Search Portal was created to save clients time while simultaneously marketing your services to your local neighborhood through our online community.

Attract Local Clients

Schedulicity’s Search Portal helps prospective new clients connect with businesses like yours through Marketplace search filters.  

When you have set up your account and unlocked Unlimited Bookings, you can choose to be listed in Schedulicity’s search results. When clients find you by searching for something you offer, one of your keywords, or your business name, they will see a preview of your business listing, and the option to book with you.

Fill Your Book

Schedulicity helps you fill your book by knowing when you have available openings, and showing your business listing to clients searching for those dates and times. This creates a quick and convenient online booking process for new clients, while effortlessly expanding your clientele.

Clients can filter their business search results by price range and have the option to select morning, afternoon, or evening appointments on dates of their choice.

Results can be viewed in a list or on a map. When locations permissions are enabled, the distance to your business is calculated with the client’s exact location. If locations permissions are not enabled, the distance to your business will be measured from the city center.

New clients may discover that your business is in their neighborhood, which would make becoming one of your regular patrons a natural next step.

Save Time for Your Clients

When a new client visits Schedulicity, they already know what they want and when they are free to make appointments.

So if they want a haircut in the afternoon next Thursday, for example, they can select that information when they search for hair stylists. If you happen to be available to cut their hair at that time, you’ll be right there waiting for them in the business search results.

Save Time for Yourself

Clients can search for businesses anytime, day or night, and find your menu of services, classes, and/or workshops with pricing, available times, and directions.

You’ll never have to touch your phone to answer all of your new client’s most frequently asked questions, all while marketing your business to people who are actively looking for the types of services you offer.

Think of Schedulicity’s Search Portal as an extension of your business that attracts new clients, fills your book, but also saves you time to focus on what you do best.


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