Classes & Workshops

Online classes and workshop scheduling and marketing tools


Schedulicity offers all the features needed for class-based businesses, including a special calendar just for classes! Manage your clients, use our marketing tools to fill your classes and get your classes listed on the Schedulicity marketplace. Then add the features you need: payment, package management, auto billing, and multiple location management.



Alerts allow businesses to view pertinent information about their client from your class or workshop roster. Providers are made aware of auto billing issues, unsigned waivers, or whatever custom information about the client when it is most useful.


Waitlists ensures class-based businesses’ most popular classes are always filled even when they have some late cancellations. Waitlists give clients an opportunity to be moved into the active class roster should a spot open up for them.


To cut out the paper and pen waiver, having to make sure everyone has signed one before beginning your class or workshop, and the management of who’s signed and who hasn’t, we’ve given you built-in waivers and waiver management.

Group Booking

Group, or guest booking allows a client to book for themselves and others in a class. For businesses, you no longer have to field calls from clients trying to book a group and you can see a booked group in your session roster.


See at a glance which classes are full and which need filling with the attendance bar


Check attendees in to classes, mark no-shows, and gather payments


Use our reports to see which classes are doing well and which could use some help

Schedulicity Classes


Whether you call them workshops, sessions, bootcamps, or events, we’ve got you covered. You can add a number of classes in to a workshop and require attendance for all, or have clients pay for the whole series and show up when they want. You can set automatic notifications to send your clients an update for any changes made in your workshop schedule. With a separate page for workshops, you can manage them easily and like classes, track the attendance.


So your account has exactly what you need.


Accept payments online or in person
Use Square or Stripe right from Schedulicity
Add gratuity, product add-ons, tax, discounts


Create and manage session based packages
Sell and track at checkout
Pick what’s offered, # of sessions, and cost


Offer subscription packages
Determine your billing cycle
Keep revenue flowing without the manual hard work

Have questions regarding classes or workshops? Check out our FAQs here or chat with our rockstars by clicking on the purple bubble in the lower right-hand corner!