Everything you need and even those things you just want.



See all of your appointments, and even personal time, in one place. Edit, cancel or reschedule by clicking on an appointment to access its details. Also, store notes, see client details and their other upcoming appointments. Even set up your other employees with their own schedules.


View your classes next to your appointments in your normal calendar, or focus on your classes inside a special class calendar. Classes have a handy attendance bar so you can see how full a class is, and we also have class check-in, so you can track attendance and no-shows. Any changes to your class are sent out to enrollees automatically!


Do you host workshops, retreats, seminars, series, trainings, conferences, or any other multiple-session events? We have you covered. Create workshops with any number of sessions and control how many people can sign up for each session. You can require clients to enroll in all sessions, or let them pick and choose. Learn more about workshops here.


Client communications

We know how important communicating with clients is – sometimes that means sending an announcement, a reminder, a notification, or simply saying hello. With our client communication tool, you can segment your clients and send them emails with our easy-to-use templates. Have a class or workshop that needs last minute filling? Send out an email to your clients and watch those spots fill up!


Set automatic discounts for hard-to-fill spots in your calendar

Deal manager

Create your own deals to distribute to your clients

Business listing

Be listed in the Schedulicity marketplace where clients can easily find and book with you


An app for you

Your dashboard lets you know what’s coming up that day. In the calendar, add or edit appointments or classes. Manage clients, add new ones on the go and even add photos to their profiles. Check in your clients for classes and workshops as they come in. Your app is personalized and syncs to your Schedulicity account.

Schedulicity App
And one for your clients, too

Clients can manage any appointments, classes or workshops they’ve booked in the Schedulicity client-side app. They’ll receive reminders for bookings and can browse through them at anytime. They can even rebook, reschedule and cancel right from the app.


As the leader in point of sale transactions, Schedulicity has teamed up with Square and Stripe to allow you to collect payments right in your account with Schedulicity payment! Collect payment at the end of a service, class or workshop, or require full pre-payment or partial deposit on any service, class or workshop.


  • Accept full prepay or a deposit when a client books online
  • Require credit card information for a client to hold an appointment
  • Process refunds in the transaction details of Schedulicity
  • Accept gratuity, charge for tax, allow discounts and send receipts
  • Accept payments and issue refunds in the iOS business app
  • Process Deal Manager and Fill My Book deals


  • PCI compliant
  • Save a card on file
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • 2-7 day turnaround on deposits
  • Accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club


  • Process an in-person payment using a Square magstripe reader, a Square Stand, or the Square contactless + chip reader
  • Same rate for all major cards
  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • Full PCI compliance included
  • Deposits in 1-2 business days with instant deposits available
  • Chargeback protection
  • Payment dispute assistance


Save your clients’ contact info as well as notes about their favorite services, special needs and even save their photo to give you a one up on your client relationships. You’ll also have access to their appointment and class history, see if they have packages available or auto billing activated, and manage their email and text notifications. There are also many client-based reports to help you improve your relationship with your clients and your marketing strategy.


Have multiple providers at your business? No problem! Create logins and schedules for them, too! Just switch on the calendar between providers’ schedules. And even separate out the clients that are uniquely theirs. You can set the days and hours they work, which services they offer, and set a profile for them for clients to see when booking. They can also use the mobile business app so they can access their schedules on the go.

Do you have front desk staff? We have a spot for them, too! They can have their own login and access to your schedules.

Automatic reminders

Providers can get notifications of new appointments and cancellations, and clients will get automatic reminder emails of their upcoming appointments. You can take it a step further and set up appointment text reminders for your clients, too. This way, you’ll be able to fill any canceled appointment slots, and you’ll reduce no-shows because your clients will get reminders for their appointments. Win, win.


Use our easy widgets to get a booking window right in your website or add a “Schedule Now” button to your webpage! You can also add the Schedulicity booking feature on your Facebook page so clients never have to leave your pages to book with you.

You can also export your Schedulicity calendar into your personal calendar for easy viewing of your upcoming appointments.


Everything above is Free. That way you only pay for what you need. We call these our add-ons.


Endless appointment booking


Accept payment online for appointments, classes and workshops


Create, sell and track session-based packages for your clients


Charge your clients monthly for unlimited classes and workshops


Automatic text reminders for clients that reduce no-shows


Link your accounts for all your locations


Available as an add-on to your account, the Automated Marketing feature is your marketing dreams come true – all with very little effort on your part. We’ve created additional marketing pieces to work behind the scenes of our existing tools so you can build rapport with your clients while you’re simply focusing on what you do best. This feature includes:


“Set & Forget” automated emails – thank you emails after every appointment, birthday emails sent out every month, time to book emails to remind clients to book again, and re-engagement emails sent after a certain amount of time to bring customers back.


You can set up to three services that will be suggested to clients to add to their visit when they’re booking with you.


You will be able to see how well your marketing efforts are performing with analytics for all emails, deals, and promotions. We’ll even send you a weekly email with a summarized version of email performance!


Whether you have a question, need help or have a concern about your account, calendar, or really anything on Schedulicity, we’re here to help. And by “we”, we mean real people. You can see us pictured here. You can reach out to us at any time by calling or even better, send us a message by clicking on the purple bubble on the bottom of your screen. And unlike the others, our support is always FREE.