Make turning a profit as easy as possible.

Whenever possible, I like to dig into our numbers here at Schedulicity to try to find nuggets of gold that may help you run your small business more profitably. I just came across a statistic that I knew I needed to share.

On average, business customers on our platform who integrate their credit card payments on Schedulicity (providing a seamless experience from booking to payment) make 20 percent more money than the companies that process payments on a separate platform.

If someone came to you and offered you a 20 percent raise, it would have a significant impact on your life.

But the question is: Why are we seeing this 20 percent income difference?

My guess is that it’s about creating simplicity in your life as a small business owner. And that simplicity gives you something critical: more time.

You likely run your appointments through an online scheduling app so you don’t have to do it through phone calls anymore. You’ve turned on text reminders so you don’t have to remind your customers about their upcoming appointments. And when you run credit card payments through your scheduling platform, you don’t have to figure who paid what or when or, worst of all, search for reports when tax season rolls around.  

It’s all at your fingertips, in one place, on one platform.

Whenever you use technology to free up your time—to simplify your life—it means that you can focus on building your business, marketing to new clients, updating your company’s social presence, and just being a better service provider. That simplicity and focus means more income. We see it in our data. 

My message is this: There is amazing technology out there that can help simplify your business life and let you focus on what’s important. Don’t let it scare you. Embrace it, and you will be rewarded.

And while simplicity can make you more money, it can also save you money at the same time.

We see this idea illustrated in the businesses that use Schedulicity Pay, which is a fully integrated credit card solution built specifically with simplicity in mind.

We only have two price rates (an astonishing 1.99 percent for dip or swipe and 2.80 percent for e-commerce or card-on-file transactions). No contracts, no termination fees, no surprises. It’s our mission at Schedulicity to make your life easier, and this is the next step on that path.  

I want to give you an example of what this might mean in your pocket. 

Presley Poe is a well-known hair stylist in Portland, Oregon. She is a Schedulicity customer and by using Schedulicity Pay, she estimates that she will save a staggering $3000 a year on her credit card fees. 

Presley is proof of how a successful business can save money by taking steps toward simplicity. And you can do the same thing.

By my estimate, most of you will see at least a 25 percent savings on your yearly credit card fees when using our integrated payment solution.

That’s no chump change. 

And as my accountant likes to say, “The most successful business people sweat the details.” 

The success or failure of your business is the sum total of all the little decisions you make. So if you find yourself complaining about what your credit card processor charges at month’s end, do something about it. Simplify your life. There is profit in it.