Meet Jena Irby

Owner of Skinfit Aesthetics and Co-Founder of the SCIN Seminar

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Sometimes, skin has a mind of its own. (You mean you didn’t ask for that pimple on your forehead?) Trust us, we feel you. But, like a lot of other aspects of your life, your skin reflects much more than just bad luck or even acne-prone genes — it’s determined by everything you do from your at-home regimen to nutrition, stress, and exercise. 

That’s why Jena Irby doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all skincare routine. Far from it. Rather, she believes that skincare should be tailored to your own personal goals.

Jena is a licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician with a mission of “providing women and men with confidence, helping them to feel beautiful both inside and out while offering them affordable, safe, result-driven treatments and home care products that will allow them to age as graceful as possible.”

That’s a big job as it is, but Jena doesn’t stop there. Not only is she the owner of Skinfit Aesthetics and Co-Founder of the SCIN Seminar, but she’s ALSO a mom of two kiddos, ages 3 and 5. Some call them “mompreneurs”, we’d just call them superheroes. Makes sense why she’s such an advocate for self-care – especially when most Tuesdays start with a 6 a.m. tea party. ….Which brings us to her day.

On her typical Tuesday morning (aka Groundhog’s Day):

6 a.m: I get woken up by my three-year-old for a “tea party”…

6:30-7:45 a.m: Now that we’re all tea-ed out, the real kiddo craziness begins including getting them ready while making their breakfast and lunch for school. While they’re occupied briefly by cartoons*, I review my client schedule by logging into Schedulicity. Sometimes I’ll log in to IG or check my emails to see if any of my clients for that day have reached out for any reason, too. 

*This is the craziest part of my day LOL. #momprenueur life is NO joke—the best job in the world, but seriously no joke.

8 a.m: I drop the kids off at school and go to an 8:30 Pilates class. For me, working out is a part of my self-care that influences my overall ability to be more successful as an aesthetician (and mom/wife).

9:30 a.m: I get ready for work and potential phone meetings with colleagues/reps prior to heading to my studio. I also use this time for content creation for Instagram. I typically lay out what my next week or so of my IG posts will look like in my actual main feed grid. Ideally, I know at least a week in advance of what my upcoming posts will be – posts should be intentional and not randomly thrown up in my opinion.

10:30 a.m: I head to studio. 🙂 I looooove my job!

11 a.m – 7 p.m: I’m back-to-back with clients all day. I also periodically log into IG to post stories or any exciting content that has inspired me and check emails.

7:30 p.m: I head home in time to help my hubby get the kiddos to bed, including baths and storytime. This is also when I start all my spa laundry. (Multitasking!) 

8:30 – 9 p.m: I check emails, texts, and IG one last time before powering down for the night. 

On her advice to fellow mompreneurs:

What I always stress to Mompreneurs is that you literally can’t stop. For me, success is having that hunger and drive that you don’t just talk about, but actually execute — that “can’t stop, won’t stop” mentality. Of course, it’s critical to recharge your own battery  — hence my advocacy for tons of self-care — but with work, you have to goooooo! I heard this saying once: “No one cares…work harder”, and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t allow excuses to get in your own way. 

On her biggest mistake she’s made:

Not expanding my team sooner! I had issues with “losing full control” of my brand. But losing some control was actually exactly what I needed. I hope to add another team player to my #skinfitsquad soon!

On her biggest client pet peeve (relatable):

Don’t be tardy for the party, or you are getting rescheduled and paying a rescheduling fee.

On why Schedulicity:

Schedulicity allows me to run my business most efficiently, particularly the scheduling aspect. My business schedule essentially runs itself, and as a working mom, that is invaluable. I’m on my phone enough — if I can minimize screen time, this is a good thing.

On how consulting for and training others has impacted her career:

As of late, it has been something that fuels my overall inspiration. There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve made an impact on someone’s actual quality of life. I’m about community over competition. If you are cool, kind, and a hard worker, I will absolutely share my knowledge with you.

On the vibe of her studio:

[The studio is] an environment my clients crave: comfortable, loving, and on trend. 

On her favorite service: 

Dermaplaning, for sure! It’s so satisfying for both myself and client —who doesn’t want to feel like a dolphin?!