Meet Barry Hairston

AKA The Stars Barber, founder and owner of The Stars Barber Lounge in Dallas, TX

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If you’re into sports, you probably know who coaches your favorite player(s) in the NFL, NBA, or MLB. But, do you know who cuts their hair? Well, that’s where Barry B, AKA The Stars Barber, comes in. 

Barry has been a licensed barber for 22 years in multiple states across the country. He was born in Akron, Ohio where he learned the trade and received his license. From there, he packed up and moved to Atlanta, where he had his introduction to celebrity clients from the Group 112 and extras on Tyler Perry Films. He continued on to Dallas, TX and transitioned into barbering for athletes and entertainers. 

While he’s only in the shop from Wednesday – Saturday, currently, he’s still on his A-game, even on his ‘off’ days.

On His Typical Tuesday:

7:00 a.m:. I wake up to take my dog Booger out, then I feed him.

9:00 a.m: Eat breakfast, watch CNN, ESPN.

(Some days, he spots his work on TV).

11:00 a.m: Head to the gym

1:00 p.m: Tuesdays are a day off for me, but I still spend part of the afternoon working. I answer emails, Instagram DMs, and make phone calls.

2:30 p.m: Plan out social media posts for the week and also brainstorm up content to film for the week. Look at my schedule for the rest of the week.

4:00 p.m: Watch some YouTube or do some reading.

6:00 p.m: Time to relax. Into the shop on Wednesday.

What He Has to Say…

On just getting started:

Be yourself… you will go a lot further. Capitalize on the things you’re great at, find your niche, your market, and don’t be afraid to fail. Just have fun with it.

On the biggest business mistake he’s ever made:

Not taking risks in the first part of my career. I made choices based on fear when I should have used it as motivation.

On the biggest business risk he’s taken:

Moving to Atlanta after my divorce. I packed up my car with everything I owned and just did it. I just knew I was making the best move ever in my life.

On his three favorite IG accounts to follow:

@mercedesbenzusa, @wester_barber, and @stockx.

On where he looks for inspiration:

From watching YouTube… I can definitely watch people cut hair all day. I’m constantly challenging myself to get better and to keep learning.

On the best technique for getting people to rebook:

I let them know they can put it as a recurring guaranteed spot.

(Not quite sure how to set recurring appointments? We’ve got you covered.)

On his biggest client pet peeve:

When people keep moving their heads.

On the one thing that would surprise people about his work:

I’m never satisfied with it.

(All the perfectionists out there can definitely feel this).

On the changes of his day-to-day operations since re-opening:

I’m only able to do one client an hour, instead of two.

(We’ve heard of a lot of barbers implementing changes into their day-to-day. Worry less, prep more.)

On the safety protocols in place:

We both wear a mask, and I also wear a face shield. I only have one customer in the room with me, period. After every customer, I disinfect everything.

(Even with online scheduling, you still have complete control over your schedule. Need to make an appointment longer, or add time in between appointments to account for disinfecting? You can absolutely do that.)

On why Schedulicity:

I have been rocking with this company for 10 strong years now. It’s a family, it helps grow my business. And they have the best customer service! A1 from Day 1.