We love seeing what’s happening in the industries we partner with, so we ventured to Barbercon NYC. We saw old friends and made some new ones, and brought stylists and barbers together.

June 9 and 10 marked 2019’s Barbercon NYC. The ever-growing event featured three stages where the hottest talent in the industry shared tips, classes, and demos covering everything from the art of beard maintenance to how to shape the hottest fades.

Along with the main-stage features, there were presentations in two class rooms, and vendors demonstrating the newest cutting-edge products and tools. This interactive trade show also included bars, food trucks, and a fun atmosphere full of music and laughter.

Educational classes, product demos, and hair tutorials brought together a fun and passionate group of the brightest stars in the hairstyling community. 

Hairstylists and barbers traveled from all over the country to experience a marketplace full of hundreds of vendors, industry networking, and awards like the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Best Female Barber Award, and the Best Fade Award.

Schedulicity was able to join in on the fun, and awarded another $5,000 #SchedulicityCares grant to Cassie Kurtz, owner of Beyond the Beard: Studio and Barbershop.

In the video entry she posted on Instagram she said she credits Schedulicity with helping her grow her business in NYC. She plans on investing in a new barber to bring onto her team and wants to help them further their education.

Convention attendees could relax at the Schedulicity Lounge, and ask members of our customer experience team their questions about online booking, automated marketing, and payment processing. Hairdustry’s Your Day Off podcast station was set up at the Schedulicity Lounge, recording through the event and hosting interviews with stars like Presley Poe and Matty Conrad. Visit anchor.fm/hairdustry to listen.

Presley Poe, a beloved Schedulicity Ambassador, led an incredible cut and color workshop, which included a step-by-step guide to creating colorful hair tattoos on short styles, a technique that she demonstrated live on stage.

Schedulicity CEO, Jerry Nettuno, teamed up with three elite barbers to talk about growing your clientele and showcasing your work on social media. Together, Barry the Stars Barber, Bryan Kirkland, and Titan the Barber discussed outreach methods and the best practices for engaging new and existing clientele. 

They talked about how and why Schedulicity is more than just an online scheduler, and professed that online booking is a fantastic step to take towards better organization and improved quality of life.

We loved meeting new friends and can’t wait to see what happens next in this amazing community of artists who set out each day to help people look and feel their best. We are honored to support small business owners and it’s always inspiring to meet them and see them in their element. 

Next time you see us at an event like this, please come say hello! Follow us on Instagram to find out where we will be next and use #SchedulicityCares to tell us what you would do with a $5,000 business grant from Schedulicity!

And if you have an event coming up that you’re putting on or attending, let us know about it! Maybe we’ll see you there.