Meet hairstylist Presley Poe—color genius and social media marketing wizard.

We love to geek out over drool-worthy hair transformation photos, and today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to someone who is seriously killing the hair game on social media: Presley Poe, master colorist and extension artist at Au Salon in Portland, Oregon. You can check out her portfolio on Instagram to get a sense of her work and a master class in social media marketing for your salon.

Originally from Oklahoma, Presley has been a stylist for 18 years, specializing in color and color correction—with a particular interest in barbering. She’s also an educator on topics like cutting theory and application, dimensional cutting, tool selection, and cutting to enhance color. 

Presley fell in love with hair early—she knew she wanted to do hair starting at age four. She remembers that her grandma went to the salon every week, and Presley would tag along. She’d take in the sensations of the salon (“I love the smell of perms,” she says), and when they got home, she’d tell say “Okay, Meemaw. It’s time for your roller set!” She’d grab a pencil and roll her grandma’s hair while she napped.

Presley never thought twice about her dream. “I just have always known. It’s been an internal navigation system my whole life,” she says.

Read on to learn how this master colorist manages her business, what she does to keep the creative spark alive, and the best money she ever spent on herself.

On Maintaining the Creative Spark

Q: After almost two decades in the business, how do you stay inspired? What do you do to challenge yourself?

A: After 18 years, it’s easy to lose your passion, or to not feel challenged every day. So extensions were—and still continue to be—a big challenge for me, and learning how to express myself in color through extensions. The process is completely different from just coloring someone’s actual hair. To take something that is separate from the head, and to put it on the head and have it be seamless—it’s actually more difficult than people realize. I’m constantly learning different techniques. They’re so tedious and such a pain in the butt, but it’s also so cool to watch it all come together.

On Her Best Business Investment

Q: When did you become a member of Schedulicity? 

A: I’ve been a member of Schedulicity since 2015, but Schedulicity is among the top two things that I waited too long to pay for. (The other is my personal assistant.) Best money I’ve ever spent on myself.

Q: How does Schedulicity help you run your business?

A: Using Schedulicity has helped me to be able to focus my attention elsewhere. It’s like an online personal assistant for me. It gives me a way to communicate with [clients] without having to communicate directly and closes the gap of communication that is really vital and important to maintaining any relationship. When I’m on the road, I don’t have access to my phone. So if someone calls me, I can’t answer. But Schedulicity gives me the ability to not have to be the conduit between myself and my clients. It’s really just about having another me out there, helping me be omnipresent.

Q: Do you have an appointment-booking secret weapon?

A: I think preemptive consultations are so important. For me, I have to have a consultation before all my appointments, so it’s really that Schedulicity helps you be prepared for your upcoming appointments. A consultation is not only an upsell for you, but it helps you to be prepared for your upcoming appointment; I either set their appointment for them at the consultation, or they know what to schedule online.

On the Highs and Lows of Running a Business

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your business? What about the greatest success?

A: Both of those have one answer, and that’s social media. It is in and of itself another job, and I have to make sure I’m approachable. It’s difficult to keep yourself a real person when social media wants to make you into an entity—maintaining your humanness and relatability. It’s about maintaining transparency and being a real person, also while presenting your best self. I try to keep it real, and keep things up that not everyone likes. I’ll repost things so that if something didn’t work the first time, I’ll try it again. I try to really stay transparent about social media, but also understand that I’m the face of several companies, so my work needs to be presented in a way that draws people—not only to me, but to the company.

On Expanding Salon Services

Q: You recently started offering extensions. What do you love about them?

A: I really love doing extensions because it gives me the ability to give my clients their dream hair in one day. If applied correctly, extensions protect hair during growth. Extensions can also take the brunt of coloring and leave you more hair to heal while you are growing your hair out. I used to specialize in eye tip extensions, and I didn’t like those because they were detrimental to the hair. Now I use tape in extensions, and I think they’re wonderful. I learned about them when I was doing a TV show called The Look: All Stars. I met with Vicki who’s the global ambassador for Hairtalk Extensions, and after using the product one time, I completely fell in love with them. Now I want to do them all the time.