As a solo business owner, you can gain more freedom than you thought possible with the right online scheduling software. It won’t just make scheduling appointments easier. It’ll also make rescheduling and editing appointments, creating recurring visits, sending reminders, and dealing with no-shows a breeze.

And it isn’t just time you save. For example, with the help of Schedulicity’s online scheduling software, up to 66% of our salon business owners have boosted their revenue significantly by cutting down on no-shows. Flexible features such as text reminders, payment integration, and more do the heavy lifting of scheduling and keeping up with appointments for you.

What Online Scheduling Software Does for You

Every minute you could spend with a client but don’t is a missed moneymaking opportunity. Every appointment a client misses or skips can be a significant drain on your bottom line. The best part of innovative scheduling software for small businesses is that it helps you optimize your time, including reducing your rate of no-shows.

As one of the best small business scheduling apps, the Schedulicity platform is customizable, with multiple flexible features to give you and your clients exactly what you need. For example, some of the most beneficial features of our online scheduling software include:

• Automatic scheduling: When your business runs on appointments, having an automated scheduling app is priceless. You get paid by the hour, and the more time you save by not having to book appointments manually, the more hours you’ll have to actually serve your clients. Also, seamless online appointment scheduling is much more convenient for your customers.

• Scheduling straight from social media: Speaking of convenience, Schedulicity also makes it possible for your customers to book appointments without having to go directly to your website. A customer might be reminded that it’s time to make an appointment by something they see on your Instagram page. With a Book Now button, they can reserve their spot directly from your Instagram page.

• Group appointment scheduling: When customers love your work, they’re more likely to bring friends or family to some of their appointments. Make it easy for customers to bring friends, and you have the chance to easily earn more revenue. Make it difficult, and they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. With our online scheduling software, you win over customers more than just one at a time.

• Automated text reminders: Reminding customers of upcoming appointments is vital to ensure they show up. SMS appointment reminders are one of the most effective ways to do this. On average, people read up to 90% of their texts within three minutes, whereas emails can languish in an inbox for days. Schedulicity makes it easy with automated SMS reminders and a wide range of appropriate templates.• Lowest payment processing rates: Your online scheduling software might have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s still a hassle if you can’t process payments directly from the app. The best scheduling apps for small business let you integrate payments, but Schedulicity offers the lowest rates in the industry (a flat rate of 1.99% + 10¢ for card dip, swipe, or tap and 2.85% + 25¢ for e-commerce or keyed-in transactions).

More Than Just a Scheduling App

Our online scheduling software is an essential part of our clients’ business management skills. It gives you back the time you would otherwise spend going back and forth with customers on the phone, and it even cuts down on no-shows. But it’s the marketplace built around Schedulicity that truly helps our clients grow their businesses.

Schedulicity was one of the first platforms to specifically offer scheduling software for small businesses. We helped create a marketplace for stylists, beauty consultants, fitness instructors, and more can authentically market their businesses, connect with influencers, coordinate events, and so much more.

Unlike other SaaS platforms, Schedulicity serves small business owners in a wide range of industries, not just one or two. The combination of exceptional online scheduling software, flexible features, and an industry-spanning marketplace give Schedulicity’s clients a number of advantages over their competition.
To learn more about the benefits of our online scheduling software or how to navigate and grow within our marketplace, contact us today!