Instagram is a fantastic resource for marketing your service business, whether you’re a salon or fitness trainer or dog walker.

You can display your portfolio with high quality pictures or show off happy clients—and optimize your posts with hashtags to find new customers.

A basic rule of service businesses is to make booking appointments as easy as humanly possible. The process should be seamless, so clients can find you wherever they’re hanging out online and book you right away.

Enter: Booking on Instagram with Schedulicity. You can add a “Book” button to your Instagram business profile that links with your Schedulicity account, letting clients make appointments without ever leaving Instagram.

How to Add the “Book” Button to your Instagram Account

Note: Your Instagram account must be a business account. If you need help setting up your Instagram business account, read A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Small Business on Instagram.

  1. Log into Instagram and go to your Profile page.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Select Contact Options.
  4. Click on Add an action button.
  5. Select Schedulicity from the list.
  6. Copy and paste your booking URL (if you need help finding that, go to your business listing page, under Spread the Word).

Make sure you tell your clients about the new option! In your next few Instagram posts, add something like: Great news! You can now book appointments on Instagram. Click the “Book” button in the top of our profile!

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