Usually, we write articles about the business of being in business (marketing strategy, finances, scheduling tips). But, since we’re all currently figuring out new routines, we figured we’d switch things up. Let’s talk about some at-home workouts you can do when you need a break.

It’s hard enough to remind yourself to step away from your work during these times, let alone figure out how to move when movement is severely limited. But staying active is one of the most essential elements of self-care, especially in a crisis.

To combat this, many of us are using Schedulicity to book sessions at fitness and yoga studios that are now offering Zoom classes (here’s an explainer on how to do that if you’re a fitness professional). Between those, though, a lot of us found ourselves still needing options for those random moments when we’re just like: I NEED TO MOVE.

That’s why we’ve been using Slack to share the free or donation-based workouts we discover with each other. The list below has made us feel better at odd times and has gotten us out of some serious funks. So, we figured we’d share the wealth.

Here are 8 of our favorite free online fitness workouts for days when you can’t make it to your studio — and the random 10am dance-it-out moment.

But first, a quick note on showing support:  

Most studios are closed right now, so we highly recommend showing support by donating some funds if you can and where you can. Some of the classes above have a Venmo or PayPal account listed so you can donate after class.

But if you’re interested in supporting your local studios, here’s another great option to consider: Each time you would have normally gone to class but workout at home instead, send some money to your go-to yoga studio, gym, or trainer. It’s a nice way to support them regularly and often until we’re back in session. And now…the list.

Sweatfest with Ryan Heffington (Instagram Live) 

Ryan Heffington has won the hearts of thousands with his 5x weekly, hour-long Instagram Live dance-offs. A sort of millennial Richard Simmons-meets -“that friend you always take dancing”, he started these sessions to raise funds for his LA-based studio and instructors (there’s a PayPal account listed on his profile for donations). Now, the whole globe can take his classes — and oh, you better believe we are. You will laugh, you will (cathartically) cry, you will “booty break.” Kids and 70-somethings alike love him. Bet you can’t attend just one.

Outdoor Voices Morning Takeovers (Instagram Live) 

The fitness brand Outdoor Voices has been throwing a Virtual Recess with various fitness instructors, dancers, etc. at 9AM CT every day. They don’t always promote them in advance, but you’ll get a notification when they’re going live if you follow the OV Instagram account. Favorite recess so far: Joeli taught Latin dance lessons for a week, and now offers additional Live sessions on his own IG account. 

The Yoga Den (IG Live and Facebook Live)

If yoga is what you find yourself needing at random points throughout your work-from-home day, there are some great free community classes on IG Live and Facebook Live. The Yoga Den is one of our top picks. Schedulicity team favorite Your Yoga (our office used to be down the block!) is also offering $5 online classes — which is a great deal for an equally great workout for both body and mind. Say hi for us.

Yoga with Adriene: 30-Day Home Series (YouTube)

While YouTube videos aren’t as great as working with a live yoga teacher who can encourage you and correct your form, they do help on stressful days. If you’re a yoga teacher or even just a yoga devotee, you’ll likely know Adriene’s name

With a body-positive (“Do what feels good”) perspective and an adorable dog (we see you, Benji), Adriene’s videos are an ideal option for your at-home lunch break or as a way to transition between work and after-work hours. Her latest 30-day program, coincidentally called “Home”, is a nice way to ease into a daily practice if you’ve fallen out of step. 

Fresh Cycle (IG Live)

If you’re a spin fanatic, you’re probably missing the communal energy of your weekly rides. Another one of our Schedulicity businesses, Fresh Cycle, is offering free classes and bootcamps on IG Live (you can attend live or watch the replay for 24 hours!) — no bike required, but you will work up a sweat. Follow them to get schedule updates.

Sweat by BBG (App)

The cult-favorite workout program (it was originally called Bikini Body Guide for those who remember), the BBG team is offering a 30-day free trial (normally only 7 days) to help those of us stuck at home still work up a sweat. (Trust us, you will. Four members of the Schedulicity marketing team are currently on week 3.)  The premise is pretty simple: you complete three 28-minute workouts a week comprised of multiple rounds of designated exercises. You will do a lot of burpees. You will also feel a lot stronger even after the first week. 

Performance Pilates (Zoom)

If you’re aching for your reformer Pilates classes (doing a plank on the floor just doesn’t feel the same as on the machine, right?), Teresa Williams is offering donation-based classes on Zoom through her IG account. They’re mat-based, but you’ll have the benefit of an expert to guide (and push) you through it.

Nike Training Club (App) 

A team favorite for workouts while we travel, Nike announced that it’s waiving all fees (like us!) for its premium account on the NTC app until further notice. Use it to supplement your Zoom classes or for days when you just need to move for a few minutes.