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Advanced options for businesses who want to take their business to the next level.

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All #’s are to date, with Automated Marketing having launched in March 2018.


“We’ve made at least an extra $500 off your new marketing campaign auto emails. Thank you so much for this cool, easy new feature.”
– Angela, Rockabetty’s Salon & Spa

We know how busy you are running your business, so who has time to send messages to your clients all the time, thanking them for coming in, wishing them a happy birthday, or reminding them to schedule an appointment? Or how do you tell your clients to try the really great service you offer BEFORE they’ve already finished booking something else? And better yet, do you know if any of your efforts are even working?

Welcome the Automated Marketing Option. This new feature available to add onto your account is your marketing dreams come true – all with very little effort on your part. We have created additional marketing pieces that will work behind the scenes so you can keep focusing on what you do best. Check out what it entails below…


“Set and forget” automatic emails! Customize four email types that will automatically be sent to users – a thank you email after your client’s appointment; a birthday email sent at the beginning of each month; time-to-book reminders; and a re-engagement email for clients you haven’t seen in a while.

Promoted Services

When clients are booking with you, you can set up to three services that will be suggested to add to their visit. You’ll be able to see how many people have added these services to their visits and the estimated revenue it’s created in the Promotions tab. You can also change the services at any time!

performance analytics

We didn’t want to just give you these cool new marketing options – we want you to see how well they’re working, too! You can view the analytics in the Client Communications tab, Promotions tab and Deal Manager tab. PLUS, we’ll even send you a weekly email letting you know how your emails are performing.

What It Costs

Game-changing automated marketing for your business!
Automated emails and suggested services
Analytics on all your marketing efforts

1-5 Providers



6+ Providers




Get the option added to your account in just a few simple steps!

Schedulicity Square Payment
Step 1.

In your account, navigate to the settings page (the cog icon on the left-hand navigation) and click into the “Subscription” page.

Step 2.

In this page, under Options, click the blue “manage” button. In the Automated Marketing box, click the option to “add”. Then, be sure to click “save”.

Step 3.

Now “set and forget” your automatic emails and suggested services! You’ll start seeing the results soon!


Take 10 minutes to save hours monthly.

Automatic Emails

Set your email preferences and forget about them – they’ll be sent out automatically at appropriate intervals, and we’ll let you know how they’re performing in a weekly performance email. Just pick the header image and the email text for the following:


Clients will receive this message on the 1st of their birthday month. You even have the option to give them a birthday discount!

Thank You

These are sent to your clients 24 hours after their visit. Give them follow-up instructions, encourage them to book again or simply say ‘thanks’.

Time to Book

Let them know that it is Time to Book their next visit based on the timeframe you set! If they already have an appointment, they won’t receive the message.


Encourage clients to book again by automatically sending them a special offer. Clients will only receive this message if they haven’t booked with you in 6 months.

Suggested Services

Choose up to three services to suggest to your clients during online booking. You can track their performance in the Promotions tab and change them at any time. Please note that this will allow your clients to book more than one service per appointment.

Have questions regarding Automated Marketing? Here’s a quick tutorial! You can also check out our FAQs here or chat with our rockstars by clicking on the purple bubble in the lower right-hand corner!