5 Tips to Balance Your Work Schedule

As a service provider, one thing we can all use a little more of is time. Just the regular grind of maintaining and running a business becomes tiring and overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 tips to maximize your work schedule, so you can work smarter and not harder.

1. Automate processes where you can.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 tips to maximize your work schedule, so you can work smarter and not harder.

Now here is where you can make major improvements to your work schedule.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to maximize your work schedule is automated and streamline as many processes as you can.

If you’re a service-based provider, online scheduling software can automate almost all aspects of client management, from booking to appointment reminders, payments, and much more.

The more aspects of your work schedule that you can automate means more time and energy for yourself and your business.

2. Are you a morning or evening person?

Are you the type to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning, ready to take on the day in the morning? Or are you more of an evening person with better energy later on in the day?

Everyone has their own natural biorhythm, so pay close attention to yours and plan your work schedule around the times you’re naturally more productive.

Knowing when is the best time of day for you to focus your mental energy to tackle certain tasks could be the difference in getting tasks done or having tasks left on the back burner.

3. What are your time wasters?

Ok – We can all admit we can get distracted from work from time to time.

Hilarious cat videos on YouTube, crazy GIFS on Twitter, and even the antics of a funny co-worker or employee can provide plenty of entertainment, but can also be major time wasters.

Do you notice yourself killing a lot of time on the phone when you should be answering emails?

According to research studies, Americans check their phones once every 12 minutes. On average, people are spending around 3 hours a day on their mobile devices.

Make sure you’re using your phone time efficiently.

Phone usage can be a time waster that can really set back your work schedule.

Identifying your time wasters can be a big help in preventing them from overly affecting your work productivity.

4. Get ahead by planning ahead.

Sometimes when we try to work it feels like we’re getting a lot done, but in reality, not so much. Actually, get ahead by plan and schedule ahead.

For one, if you know you have an important task to accomplish, carve out a set amount of time to focus on it. Your mind can only focus for so long, so make sure you devote it to your most important tasks.

Another way to better plan ahead is to batch similar tasks together and block out your calendar. Have phone calls you need to make to vendors as well as clients? Have a bunch of paperwork to go through and also bills to sort?

By batching similar tasks together, you can streamline your workflow and become even more productive.

Lastly, definitely create and stick to a to-do list, but instead of listing a complex and daunting task, break it down into smaller bits and pieces.

Instead of being completely overwhelmed at the thought of tackling one enormous project, your breakdown makes your tasks seem a lot more manageable.

5. Make sure to take breaks!

Yep, you read that right. Taking breaks during the day may seem counterproductive at first, but it is an extremely important factor in maximizing your work schedule.

No one can be productive 100% of the time, and it is important to take breaks to give your brain a much needed rest. And always make sure to eat properly! Never sacrifice a healthy meal when you need it.

As with everything else in life, finding a good balance is important.

By giving yourself breaks from time to time, you’ll prevent yourself from burning out and will come back more refreshed and energized.

Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran

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