Get Featured: February Social Media Spotlight


By Maya León

Where did January go?! Welcome to February’s Social Media Spotlight. This month we’re highlighting the best makeup inspired by the Oscars, best tips/styling for textured hair, and how to beat the winter blues. Follow the instructions below to submit and win!

If this is your first time wanting to participate in our Social Media Spotlight, we ask you, our businesses, to share some of your best tips, tricks, pics, etc., in accordance with the month’s themes. We pick our favorites out of the submissions, share them on our social media accounts (that reach all of our businesses and clients, ~100k+ followers!) and give the “winning” submission businesses a prize (worth $600!).

We rotate the industries and themes every month, so if you don’t see yours this month, keep checking back for a chance to participate. We can’t wait to show off your business and spread the incredible knowledge you have!

This Month’s Contests

All posts are due in 2 weeks from the call for submissions Tuesday, February 19th this time – so be sure to meet the deadline or we won’t be able to review your work!


Best Oscars-Inspired Makeup


Best Way to Beat the Winter Blues


Best Tip/Styling for Textured Hair

How do you enter?

Entering is simple. Send all submissions to and include the following:

What your post needs:

Your Name:
Your Business Name:
Industry: (industry post of the month)
Instagram Handle:
Facebook Page:


Maya Edge
Maya’s Massage
Massage: Best Massage Tip
Insta: @mayamassage
FB: Maya’s Abdominal Massage
Video File: Maya’s Best Massage Tip
“Here’s my sample massage tip!”

Last Month’s Winners

Hottest 2019 Makeup Tip/Trend

Name: Pauline Farace
Business: Pauline Farace Beauty
Instagram: @paulinefaracebeauty
Facebook: Pauline Farace Beauty at Studio Joule
Caption: Tap Into Your Natural Beauty · With glowing fresh skin & hues of Rose Gold.

Best Engagement Photo

Name: Melissa Carter
Business: MCCreations & Photography
Instagram: @mccreate_photo
Facebook: MCCreations & Photography
Caption: “Let your images tell your story”

Best New Year Workout Tip

Name: Michelle Rae Sobi
Business: Edge Yoga School
Instagram: @edgeyogaschool
Facebook: Edge Yoga School
Caption: How is your resolution going? Do you love what you are doing? I’ve been in the fitness industry for three decades, and year after year I see the same thing. It is busy from January 1st to mid-February, then things are back to normal. Start the year off right by attending our Movement Experience in Costa Rica. You will have a week long emersion of what self-care looks like, and how to stick to it when you return home. Sun Salutations are a great way to melt off unwanted pounds. Embrace yourself as you are, each day. Movement heals.

General Tips for Social Media Spotlight Submissions:

  • Include All Info! Please include a photo or video file and actually fill out all the required information! We received a lot of submissions with no photo or caption and/or no content to them at all. Your entry cannot qualify for consideration unless all the criteria are met!
  • Caption length. People want to hear from you and that means formulating a complete sentence or sentences! Here’s an example of a too-short caption and a good length caption:
    Too-Short Caption: Fall colored hair
    Good Caption: I love playing with new techniques and colors and just tried this out with a client today. We had so much fun and she’s so stoked by the results. What do you think? #FallInspiration
    Typically, the best caption length is going to be between 1 sentence and 1 short paragraph. Sometimes it’s necessary to write a bit more to your clients like two of our winners this month, but make sure you’re also being clear and concise with your verbiage!
  • Think Like a Client: Assume the client doesn’t understand your industry jargon. They probably don’t! Make sure your posts emphasize the fun lifestyle associated with your service, not the technical details and verbiage that only other service providers in your industry understand. Jena offered ideas for professionals in her industry, but she did so in a way that was also interesting to the client.
  • Make It Relevant! Make sure your post is actually relevant to the submission topic in question! For example, if the submission topic is about “Best At-Home Massage Tips”, make sure your post actually focuses on that rather than something you do for your clients in the studio.

Need to get refreshed on some more Social Media Spotlight basics? Check out the introduction to the Social Media Spotlight here.

Submissions Due: Tuesday, February 19th 11:59 p.m. MST

Submit To:

Have fun and good luck!

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