Schedulicity’s Origin Story at Business & Bubbly in Bozeman

By January 2, 2019Press Releases


By Maya Léon

Hey friends! Your resident event planner, Maya, here! At the end of last month, we had the first of our customer happy hour events, Business & Bubbly: Bozeman, so named because we gather together to share and connect with Schedulicity businesses while drinking bubbly. Held at the newly renovated and super slick Rialto event space, we kicked back with a select group of our favorite businesses in the Bozeman, Montana area (yes, this is where Schedulicity was born and raised!), enjoying some first rate bub and grub. Check out this little montage of the evening’s festivities.

In between the bub and grub and actual bubbles blown from mini bubble filled champagne bottles, the highlight of the night was a presentation from our founder and CEO, Jerry Nettuno. If you haven’t met Jerry or listened to him speak, you seriously should in the video below. Charismatic and inspiring, Jerry is 100% an incredibly good human. Listen to him tell Schedulicity’s origin story and how our hometown of Bozeman, Montana set the stage for where we are today. If you’d rather read the transcript, just scroll down!

Psst…don’t miss the photobooth outtakes at the bottom of this post!

Maya: Hello! Are you out there, my Bozemanites? I can’t hear you! Ok that’s better! That’s better! Well, my name is Maya. I’m the organizer of this event on behalf of our wonderful company, Schedulicity. Thanks for being here! Yes! Yes! So, I’m just up here to quickly say hello and I have been part of Schedulicity for a month and a half now and this is a business that I must say that I really stand behind, personally. I’m the type of person who can’t do just any type of job and I really believe in what Schedulicity is and what it does. And, one thing that I really love about Schedulicity is how I think that it really has the heart and soul of Bozeman, Montana in it, which is where we started: here in Bozeman. Yeah! So…I know! [Woot woot woot!] But, I would like to introduce to you our wonderful and amazing, magnanimous CEO and founder, Jerry Nettuno.

Jerry: Thank you very much. I’ve been called a lot of things. I’ve never heard magnanimous before. [laughs] Can you spell that?

Maya: M-A-G-N-A…mag…M-A-G-N-A-N-A-M…Too much bubbles. I can, but, sorry.

Jerry: First of all, thank you, Maya. Thank you everyone for being here tonight. This is the first time that we’ve ever done anything like this before and it’s a blessing to be able to be here. The whole entire genesis of our company has been a blessing that I never dreamed that I would be a part of. And my favorite part of it is that it was all born 2 blocks from this spot. Two blocks from this spot. Today, we schedule almost 100,000 appointments and classes every 24 hours. We’re in 8,000 cities and we have over 23 million people using Schedulicity to schedule all the kinds of services that they do. And it’s a couple hundred million dollars of commerce that flows through our market every month. And it’s insane. And it’s only in existence because of Bozeman, because of the people in this town and the businesses that believed in us when we started. And as I just mentioned to my new friends here, were willing to try a really crappy product when we didn’t know what we were doing and we had a lot of vision, but we didn’t know what we were doing. And we knew that there was a big challenge.

I started this whole company for very selfish reasons. I realized that with all the technology going on, it was easier to book flights to Paris and get hotel rooms and a rental car than it was to get an appointment with my hair stylist. And I thought, “There’s gotta be an easier way to do it.” What I didn’t know was once we really started to get involved and pay attention, the problem I was having, paled in comparison paled in comparison to the challenges that you guys have. And that was the epiphany. That was the turning point of our entire company. When we realized that our true passion and our true drive was to try and create something that would help all of the people that provide services and classes with a way for them to concentrate on doing their craft, a way to concentrate on doing all the things that they love and making it less stressful doing all the other things that they want to do.

You know, my hair stylist, by the way, Charlene…AWESOME! Just in case you were wondering. I just spoke at a hair conference for Modern Salon and a lot of people said they love my hair. I said, “Charlene, I’m gonna tell her when I get back!” Anyway, I realized a long time ago that Charlene is in this business because she loves making people beautiful and she’s not just a person that provides a service, but she’s an artist who believes in her craft, just like all the people that we have on Schedulicity. What she didn’t like doing was spending 4 hours a day on the phone, right? And all the other stuff. And so, once we realized that, it was really just like a freight train and trying to help people and trying to provide something meaningful that truly made a difference in the ways that people’s lives were, that provides services and classes and so on.

And as I said, we had a lot of challenges in the beginning. Everybody didn’t have an iPhone like everybody has now. People were using the scribbly book to put all their appointments in and we had a lot of challenges. We came this close to going out of business dozens of times in the beginning. But we were able to put together a group of people that are passionate about what we do and who truly love the people that we do it for. And so, the past, you know, 7 or 8 years has been a really transformative experience for us, personally. And I’ve been on airplanes where I was sitting next to someone from LA or New York and I was talking to them and they asked me what I did and I told them and they were like “Oh my gosh! I use Schedulicity!” Unbelievable. I was on the phone trying to fix my daughter’s cell phone with a service representative at Verizon who was using Schedulicity and now we’re in 8,000 cities.

But, the truth of the matter is, it’s the spirit that we have as a company that came from this community that we live in that made it all happen. And one of my favorite things is when I meet people all the time now in Bozeman who use Schedulicity and have no idea that we started the company 2 blocks from here. Right? It’s been a pretty amazing ride the whole entire way. But, we couldn’t have done it without all the businesses here in Bozeman who were willing to try something new that, at that time, people had never heard of before. And so, this is all about really showing our appreciation for the people that were willing to, again, try something new that we didn’t have right necessarily in the beginning. But I can assure you, that we’ve spent all this time working really hard to make it right. And, we have built a whole entire company a couple of blocks from here that now has 70 employees. And every one of those people comes to work every day believing in what we do, because they understand how important all of the type of businesses that use Schedulicity are to our whole entire economy. And we work hard every day to do it.

 So, first of all, I want to thank all of you for coming and give you a big hand for being here. Secondly, I want to recognize all the people from Schedulicity that are here tonight, because what you may or may not know is, we have the most amazing people EVER that work at Schedulicity. And, without each and every one of them, I don’t even know where we’d be today. So, I want you to raise your hands so you can introduce yourself to all the people. Maybe we can take a quick second and start right here. Marcelina?

Marcelina: I’m Marcelina. I’m on the Marketing Team. [laughs]

Jerry: That’s right!

Marcelina: [laughs] Yeah. I do things in marketing and advertising. [laughs]

Jerry: And you know Maya over here. We have amazing people from our CX Team, our Customer Experience team, by the way, award-winning customer experience. Right? How many people have ever written a paragraph-long testimonial about customer service? We get ‘em every day because of these people. They’re always there. We respond to people and the reason that we’re good at it is because they believe in what we do, and they believe in helping people. And we like to think that all that passion shines through every single day.

So, next thing is: We prepared a little video for tonight, and I’m gonna go ahead and introduce that. So, please enjoy:

[Testimonial video plays]

Chelsea (Zuri Salon): I was just looking for something different. I was so sick of being attached to my phone and having to call people back and trying to figure out their schedule with my schedule. And it’s just so nice that people can go on any hour of the day, any time of the day, can see everything that I have available and they can look at their schedule and it just eliminates all the fuss in the middle. It’s been so nice.

Kelley (Capelli’s): Well, I’ve definitely noticed that a lot of people like to schedule online. You know, we’re definitely changing more so we don’t talk on the phone as much.

Jess (The Barbershop & Shaving Parlor): If I’ve got something I have to do, I block it off. Or, I can tell people, “Hey, you’re appointment’s at 12:30.” And it’s at 12:30.

Kelley: Everyone seems to be up at 3:00 in the morning scheduling their appointments and that’s really great for Schedulicity to do that.

Bryan (The Barbershop & Shaving Parlor): When we got up to like 100 customers a day the dry erase board just got obliterated and it just wouldn’t work anymore, so we decided to go to straight up appointments and use Schedulicity. Before we did that, we tried another software that was similar to a dry erase board but only online but it just didn’t work. You couldn’t guarantee a time and guys wanted to know that they could get in right after work or right on their lunch break and the other system just wouldn’t facilitate that.

Chelsea: I bet at least 80-90% of clients book on Schedulicity and it has been a game changer. It saves so much time.

Kelley: I definitely think Schedulicity has done a ton for us, especially with social media. Now we’re switching over to kind of texting our clients to remind clients. I personally love it when I’m making my personal appointments. I don’t check my email as much and if I get that text the day before, it’s mentally there in my mind and so I would definitely recommend it.

Jess: It keeps everything more organized. You have everything set up already ahead of time. So, if you’re ordering blades, you’re ordering shaving cream, you kind of already know what’s coming up so it helps you plan for everything easier too.

Bryan: What else helps is being able to block customers that don’t show up for their appointment. And, it’s the same perpetrators every time that don’t respect your schedule. We have so many customers that want to be in here for the ones who don’t show up we can actually eliminate them so that they don’t come in anymore.

Chelsea: Take advantage of the promotions if you’re looking to build a clientele. There are tools to help fill your books, get your salon recognized, get it busier. So just, yeah, take advantage of all it has to offer.

Bryan: Schedulicity gives you peace of mind. You know when your people are showing up. You can plan your day. You know what to expect.

Jerry: So, one of my favorite things about what we’re doing is that it never stops. Because, if you look at what we have today, versus what we had when we started, you wouldn’t even recognize it. The great thing about it is, over the next 6 months, over the next year, we’re going to be doing things that are going to blow people away. We’re introducing a bunch of new features, some really, really exciting things on the class part of our business. We’re launching some big initiatives that I can’t talk about, but you’re going to be excited about. And, it’s been surreal to see what’s going on. So, our goal is to let everybody in the world know about the company that we started here in Bozeman with your help because we believe in what we’re doing, we think we’re doing something that empowers really, really important people all over the world. And, I promise you, that we’re going to continue to do that for as long as we can. Thank you very, very much for being here. And, for all of our people that are here tonight, make sure you get a chance to meet them, because they are absolutely, insanely talented people that have passion, and they truly care about you guys and what we’re doing. Thank you.

Maya: Alright. One last note, people. I’m just gonna get in the light here. Keep enjoying your food and bubbly. I also just wanna point out that the mini champagne bottles on the tables—you see those?—they’re actually bubbles to blow. Don’t drink it! You’re gonna be sick! But, you might want to blow into them, ‘cause that’s fun. M’kay. Also, don’t forget about the photobooth upstairs on the mezzanine. Super fun. We have a little blackboard where you can write what you love about Schedulicity, take a picture with that, take a picture just however. Have fun. There’s also gift bags. Please take one of those before you leave. Take it now. Whenever. And I know that our lovely Shayna filming upstairs on the mezzanine would love to get you on camera to say what you love about Schedulicity so, please, please—she’s not gonna bite. She’s very nice. Look at her. She’s so sweet. Ohh Shayna…Ok. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for coming!

Aaaand now for the outtakes!

We set up a silly photo booth for everyone to have fun and get silly. Here are some of the fun faces from the Schedulicity family in Bozeman, businesses and staff alike!

Keep a look out. Business & Bubbly could be coming to your city next!

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