Best Workouts to Try in 2019

By January 2, 2019Business Resources, Features
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By Jaime Viera 

The New Year of 2019 is quickly approaching and I’m sure you’ve already started to see fitness resolutions whirling around on social media…or maybe you’ve started thinking of your own.

New year, new you, right?!

Don’t start off the New Year with the same ol’ workouts you have been doing over and over. Spice up 2019 trying something new and different! Introducing new workouts will keep you motivated throughout the year, so you will be able to stick to your New Year resolutions and have fun while doing it!

Now you may be thinking, what new workout should I try? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the top 5 workouts that you should try in the New Year:

1. Goat Yoga

May sound a little crazy, but hey, aren’t we all a little crazy? Baby goat yoga is quickly becoming a rising trend as a popular workout. Also known as caprine vinyasa, baby goat yoga has gotten hundreds of people practicing their poses with nothing other than…baby goats.

Caprine Vinyasa is open to all fitness levels and is intended to be a relaxed form of yoga. During a typical class, participants are encouraged to pet the goats. It is common to see the goats climbing on you while you are in a pose, ultimately making the class more challenging. The goal is to try to maintain your focus and concentration with the playful animals as the workout progresses. And if nothing else, goat yoga will definitely make you smile.

2. Water Cycling

No longer is swimming the only way to workout in the water.

Water cycling, often referred to as Aqua Cycling or Hydrospinning is exactly how it sounds, stationary cycle bikes in a pool. The workout, which uses special waterproof bikes, is 45 minutes long, and the studio provides special rubber shoes for participants to wear. This workout allows the same effectiveness as a traditional cycle class. However, water cycling takes away the risks of joint injury.

Next time, you are thinking about getting on a bike for a workout, take it under water and embrace your inner mermaid.

3. Cardio Jumprope

That’s right. Move your Skip-It aside and dust off that jump rope, Cardio Jumprope workout is definitely going to make you sweat.

Jumping rope can burn more calories than running and a great full-body cardiovascular workout. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a master jump rope expert to get the most out of this class. Most Cardio Jumprope classes will use the ropes for conditioning training. However, some also circulate through a variety of multi-functional training exercises to gain strength and blast your entire body in less than 30 minutes!


If you are over the hot workout trends of 2018 then insert BRRRN, here.

This brand new boutique fitness studio in New York City specializes in cold workouts. At BRRRN, they offer multiple different workouts with a variety of cool temperatures, a yoga-inspired workout, a core and cardio workout and lastly, a strength training workout with battle ropes.

Jimmy T Martin, Co-founder of BRRRN says, “In a heated environment, people are just looking forward to the end of their workout at the very beginning. If anything, the cold brings you into the present.” If you are looking to try it, maybe save your next BRRRN workout for one of the summer months.

5. CrossFit

2019 could be the year when you join your first CrossFit gym…and the cult –You know you were thinking it.

Don’t worry, there are a lot of positives to doing a CrossFit workout rather than just the persona. If you’ve never heard of it, basically CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness training workout that combines a variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. Anything from pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, etc. CrossFit gyms have become very popular.

Find a CrossFit gym near you and try it out, you never know – maybe it’s just what your workouts have been missing.

What new workout will you be trying in 2019? Keep in mind, any workout is better than none, but I’ll let your personal trainer tell you that.

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