Marketing 101 for Fitness Trainers & Yoga Teachers


By Elizabeth Tran

The process of becoming a fitness professional can consume you – let alone marketing your fitness business! 200 hour yoga training and ACSM certification only gets you ready to do your actual job.

What about getting clients to even start your job?

In order to get a client, they must believe in you, your skills, and how they can benefit. To get a returning client, your business must be set up professionally where the client feels it’s easy to communicate and book private sessions with you.

We’ve gathered the best marketing tips to help you build your fitness and yoga business online! Some tips will be time-consuming, but trust us – it will be worthwhile in the end.

Set Up Your Fitness Business Listings Everywhere

One thing’s for sure – if they can’t find you online, you don’t exist.

The Internet is filled with business directories, so make sure you’re on the most relevant ones! Start with Google, of course. Setting up a business listing on Google allows a client to directly look up your fitness business information and directions immediately. Otherwise, your client will give up digging for information – and may not contact you for a private training session.

It should be your number one priority to make sure you appear on Google Search properly with the correct information.

Once Google knows you, browse through other marketing options where your fitness and yoga competitors are also listed. Some examples are Yelp, scheduling software, and booking software. Scheduling and booking software manages your calendar, but can also market your business online. These software websites will most likely have more traffic than your website – bringing you higher in Google search results.

Typically, clients browse through list-formatted websites, such as Yelp and Schedulicity without an exact personal trainer or yoga teacher in mind. Clients want to view an aggregated list of fitness options, so placing your business on these websites will give you more exposure. Online software companies already spend thousands, maybe millions on bringing visitors to their platforms. You’re just benefiting from their marketing – and brand authority!

Remember that a business listing makes the first impression. Make sure you have everything that could attract a new fitness client. Put yourself in the potential client’s shoes, would you book yourself?

Check out how to set up your Schedulicity business listing.

Engage on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – all three platforms are loaded with personal trainers, yoga teachers, and more. How come? Because that’s where the target market is for fitness!

Fitness clients browse social media for inspiration, workout motivation, trends, and more. Even though your competitors are on there, you don’t need to be intimidated with social media marketing. You still need to have social media profiles for clients to find your services and classes.

Why are fitness businesses expected to be on social media?

Let’s face it. It’s not easy to browse through Google when you just want to learn about a fitness professional. Clients don’t read articles and pick their personal trainer. They decide based on personality, specialty, and convenience.

All three qualities can be evaluated through social media. Being a yoga teacher not only requires great verbal skills to lead students through a pose, but a personality that they will enjoy coming to for class.

Show potential fitness clients what you’re all about – from the workouts you do, the clients you work with, quotes you love, and highlights of your personal life. Clients want to see consistency and sincerity in your social media marketing. All these qualities will give them incentive to follow you on social media.

Post at least once a day to remind clients you’re around. Seeing you once a day eventually helps them remember you long-term.

Once you’ve got them lurking on your profile, what next? Send them to your website. Even better, attach an online scheduling software’s “Book Now” button straight into your Facebook and Instagram profiles for a streamlined booking experience. Close the deal right when they’re already on your page!

List Your Class and Private Session Offerings Online

Most clients pick their fitness of choice after reviewing a social media profile, website, and more. Why should you take them away from their browsing experience and …pick up the phone? Get an online scheduling software to help you with online reservations! This increases the possibility of getting a booked appointment because it was easy, quick, and all in one place. Online scheduling also saves you time because you don’t need to pick up the phone!

It’s even better if you accept online payments and auto billing, so all the client worries about… is showing up!

Sell Session and Class Packages

Fitness doesn’t take one session to see results, obviously. To win returning clients, offer session and class packages to sell your services in bulk. That way, clients can feel like they’re getting a deal, but also makes it easy for you to upsell services.

Fitness clients are also price-conscious, especially if they can just go to the gym any time they want. With packages, price them slightly cheaper than a-la-carte because they’re prepaying for multiple yoga classes. It’ll be more like a deal – and keeps them motivated to build their fitness routine. Packages simplify the sale process for both you and the client.

You’ll end up getting more sales in the long-run than if you just sold individually.

Unsure of how to manage your clients’ packages? Schedulicity’s Package Management features can help you track how many sessions or classes have been used. Even activate Auto Billing for monthly memberships to make your life even easier!

Create YouTube Fitness Videos

There will be times when your client – or even you – cannot make it to their private training session or yoga class. How do you keep them thinking about you throughout those times?

Create your own workout or yoga videos on YouTube, so they can easily get guidance to maintain their fitness routine. Heck, you might even win new clients that way as you create a greater online presence. YouTube is great for discovering new content to watch and subscribe. Don’t let your clients get a chance to find another personal trainer or yoga teacher.

Own all the channels that they would use to work out – including online videos. Remember, convenience is key to fitness businesses as people will lose motivation without a great trainer or teacher.

Confirm Private Training and Yoga Sessions Online

What’s an extra boost to make yourself look professional online? Most clients pick their personal trainer or yoga studio after reviewing a social media profile, website, and more. Why should you take them away from their browsing experience and …pick up the phone? Get an online scheduling software to help you with online reservations at your updated available times! This increases the possibility of getting a booked appointment because it was easy, quick, and all in one place. Online scheduling also saves you time because you don’t need to pick up the phone! They can see your available schedule instantly.

It’s even better if you accept online payments, so all the client worries about… is showing up!

Once clients book a session with you, clients are sent a confirmation letter for their reserved appointment. It will make you look more professional with instant, effective feedback to clients.

Learn more about our enhanced class features, including waivers, waitlists, and more!

Send “Time to Book” Reminders

Let’s be honest. Clients will get lazy and unmotivated to go workout or attend a yoga class. Over time, they’ll slowly stop coming. To re-energize their exercise bug, send them booking reminders and an incentive to come back!

Schedulicity offers Automated Email Marketing for Time to Book based on a time frame you set. If they haven’t booked a private session with you for instance, three months, the client will receive a reminder email. Select a pre-designed template of your choice, customize the message, and even include a special discount to get them more motivated!

Activate Client Text Reminders

On top of reminding them to book, reach them through text messages, too!

Text messaging isn’t online marketing, of course. However, you can use online scheduling software to automate the process for you. Automated text messages can remind clients about their appointments – and even allow them to reply back directly to confirm. All text communication is streamlined with your calendar, so you know who cancels immediately. Then, you can get started with rebooking.

Be mindful of the threshold of when to send reminders to clients. That’s why our Schedulicity features are limited to certain actions to avoid spam.

Start Your Own Blog

In addition to placing your original content on YouTube and social media, start your own blog. As a fitness professional, you have in-depth knowledge on diets, meditation practices, and more. Not all of it can be done through video, so writing blog articles is an easy way to share your content.

There are many blogs out there in the Internet, but don’t be discouraged. Many blogs that get visibility on Google are “fluffy,” generic information. Since you’re an expert in the field, share your knowledge about workouts, diets, and more. You’re getting questions anyways from clients. Use the same content for your blog! If you create content that’s different and valuable, you’ll be able to rank well in Google. More visibility for your fitness marketing!

Contribute to Fitness and Yoga Blogs

Fitness blogs most likely are getting more traffic to their website than yours. Write a guest blog on popular fitness magazines or sites to help get you more visibility. Clients will perceive you as an authority in the space since you were published on a popular site. The fitness blog then drives clients to your own website, and in turn gets you more booked training sessions.

If you contribute enough to blogs, more clients will come flocking – since they “trust” your reputation and brand. It’s all part of the marketing flow.

Answer Common Fitness Questions

Again, you’re getting many, many questions from clients.

What should my diet be?

How many reps do I have to do?

What’s the best workout for my glutes?

Which yoga poses are best for my weak knees?

Sort out the fitness questions that are asked way too often. Then, post the answers on your personal website and social media for online marketing. Give a couple, useful nuggets that only you may have noticed. Clients do appreciate multiple opinions, so share yours!

Start an Email Newsletter

Build your client relationship by sharing stories or updates about your fitness business. Email marketing can be used to get clients acquainted with your brand – especially since social media is flooded with noise. Let your brand shine with content that your client would find interesting.

Need a cool way to spice up your newsletters? Set up a fitness or yoga challenge for the email as the highlight. See how much engagement you get from a more interactive email! It’ll be a good excuse to follow up with client updates in your next newsletter showcasing the best performers! People love a great challenge!

Partner with Other Fitness Professionals

Not all fitness professionals are your competitors. Find one that will complement you well and work together with online marketing. You can’t be good at everything, so being a dynamic duo or the three musketeers can expand your reach, and help you get more referrals, too!

It will make your YouTube videos more interactive – with someone to bounce off thoughts and make content more engaging.

Get Referrals with Discount Incentives from Companies

Engage with local companies near you. Companies have hundreds of employees that are looking to break up their day from the office – and get healthy. Offer them a referral discount for every employee that signs up. Make it known that you’re providing these deals for local businesses online.

The discount incentives help you reach more potential clients – than without. Test it out and let us know how you thrive!

Partner with Local Businesses that Benefit from Fitness

Search for local partnerships where you can advertise your services with. Some examples are nutritionists, health supplements store, and a fitness equipment store. Of course, share your local partnerships on your social media to engage your community even further.

Potential clients may not know you, but they may know your local partner. It’ll give you more authority in the space and help you build your fitness clientele.


Whatever you decide to do – offering packages or signing up for an online scheduling software, you’ll need to do it the right way. Fitness marketing is no easy task, so find online tools or tips that can help you maximize the return. After all, your time is limited with actual private sessions and classes. The key is to make your clients comfortable with you, so they can book you over and over again!

Happy booking, fitness friends!

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