5 Ways to Stop Clients from Cancelling Another Appointment


By Elizabeth Tran

You just booked a client appointment. They picked the time and you wrote it down in your calendar.

The time finally comes and you’re ready to go, ready to deliver another great experience.

Five minutes pass – “No biggie. Traffic is nightmare. I’m sure they are parking.”

Ten minutes pass – “Got to be walking in any second now.”

Fifteen minutes pass – “Are you serious?”

You just had a no-show. Frustrating, right? Cancelled appointments can be every small business owner’s biggest frustration, and understandably so. Not only do you as a business miss out on revenue from your no-show client, but it also throws  your schedule off.

Skipped appointments from no-shows are a big headache, so the question remains: how do you avoid these problems?

Luckily we have the technology to help, and Schedulicity provides the right solutions to help business owners tackle this common problem.

Here are five simple ideas of how Schedulicity helps reduce cancelled appointments for your business.

1. Send Out Appointment Reminders

Your clients want to keep their appointments, not cancel. After all, they booked you for a reason.

But sometimes life happens and things can get in the way. All of a sudden their booked appointment slipped their mind and they end up not showing. That’s why reminding your clients can have a big impact. Sending out a simple appointment reminder, either through emails or text messages, can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

By simply reminding your clients of their scheduled appointment, it can significantly prevent them from turning into a no-show.

2. Make it Easy for Clients to Rebook

Clients don’t feel the pain of cancelled appointments like you do. They don’t understand that another paying client could have filled that skipped appointment. They also don’t consider the option of rebooking at a later date.

How do you make sure you aren’t blindsided by a no-show?

Make rebooking easy. Schedulicity’s scheduling app allows your clients to edit their appointments directly on your calendar instead of having to call in. With Schedulicity’s rebooking feature you’re more likely to have advance notice of their cancellation rather than a no-show. If the client is able to rebook their appointment easily online, they are less likely to become a no-show.

3. Secure Their Appointment in Advance

If a client books an appointment with you in advance, they’ll be able to better plan their schedule around it. This also provides them with plenty of time to rebook if they end up having a conflict. Securing their appointment in advance prevents them from having to rush last minute or becoming a dreaded no-show.

With Schedulicity, clients can view and automatically book available appointment slots online. Since you don’t need to pick up extra phone calls, you can focus more on giving clients your undivided attention.

4. Ensure Open Client Communication

With service-based businesses, you build relationships with your clients. Your clients come to like and care about you, as you do for them. Most clients don’t want to hurt your business or cause any frustrations for you. But sometimes, they just don’t think of the impact of a missed appointment.

We all know how important it is to communicate with our clients. Sometimes that means sending an announcement, a reminder, or simply telling them how important your schedule is to your business. Schedulicity’s in-app communication feature allows you to directly message clients and book more appointments, all in one platform. Let your clients know that as a small business, every “no-show” hurts. That is an appointment slot that another client could have booked. This means you can’t serve your business as well.

After sharing the impact missed appointments have on your business. You may notice positive changes, reduced no-shows, and more business!

5. Consider Appointment Deposits

If you notice that some clients are bad about keeping their appointments and it causes you to lose money, consider setting up a deposit system to book appointments. Small deposits helps encourage stronger commitment to an appointment as most people will follow through with their transactions. (Schedulicity offers both Square and Stripe payment integrations for businesses. Read more here.)

Deposits, however, are different than charging a fee for a no-show. Clients don’t like to pay these types of fees, and are more than likely to just skip out all together find another provider. By offering deposits, the client will be more inclined to keep their appointment without making them feel guilty.


No-shows are frustrating. That’s time you could have used with another client, or scheduled as time off to relax. But you don’t have to put up with them forever. With Schedulicity, taking these small steps will be easier and should greatly reduce cancelled appointments.

And that should keep your other clients – and your appointment calendar– happy!

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