Top Yogis to Follow on Instagram in 2019


By Marcelina Pulcini

Need some Yogi inspiration in your life? Why not start with your Instagram feed!

Trust me when I say, my entire personal Instagram feed is just motivational quotes and uplifting yogis.  Talk about the best way to get motivated in the morning!

And I’m not just talking about yoga poses photographed beautifully. I mean inspiration to help you develop and build your business all while giving you the personal motivation to discover your own journey through yoga practice.

Here is a list of the top and up and coming Yogis to follow in 2019.

Amanda Kingsmith: Mastering the Business of Yoga


Not your usual yoga teacher, Amanda started Mastering the Business of Yoga (MBOM) to help successful yoga teachers grow their business. After receiving her 200 YT training, she realized she was having trouble with managing her business, even with a business degree! And so, MBOM was born.

Her Instagram feed is a great representation of her incredibly successful yoga business podcast of the same name. Originally from Canada, Amanda travels and works around the world. With her boyfriend, Ryan, they created the ‘The World Wanderers’ Podcast to share their mutual love for adventure and travel with the world!

Shannon Crow: The Connected Yoga Teacher


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It was an amazing experience — teaching yoga on the @yogaanytime set in California this summer. It was also terrifying. . Overall, I am pretty confident in my own skin. I don't worry a lot about what I wear. I love thrift store deals. I stopped wearing makeup. I just like to show up as me and not worry about dressing up for others. When I do dress up I like to do it for me. .  I teach mainly 1:1 Yoga for Pelvic Health in a physiotherapy office, so I don't dress in "tight and bright" yoga clothes, so it felt strange to do that for these videos, but when you hear Kira @kirasloane explain why…it makes so much sense! . That is a huge reason why I wanted to interview her on the podcast. I wanted to share the story of how I was afraid and how I did it anyway. I wanted to share why yoga on film works when done this way and I really wanted to share the amazing intentions behind everything that Yoga Anytime does. . Kira talked about how quick and to the point works best. People are showing up to do yoga, not to see how much I know about yoga. This is something I remind myself of when I am teaching weekly group classes also. Or 1:1. I try and "let the yoga happen" — and I find that works best when people are listening to their own body instead of my cues and words. . If you are wanting to see my series on Yoga Anytime — it will be out and ready on November 13th. Use the promo code CROW and you can get 30 days free (if you are new to the platform).

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Talk about one of the most inspirational yogis ever!

Shannon is absolutely incredible. From her long list of accomplishments, including her 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Training, Shannon created The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast to share what she has learned about becoming a successful yoga entrepreneur with other yogis. Her ability to share and create with other teachers is pure motivation for all yoga teachers.

Check out one of her Instagram posts about a recent podcast release.

Daniel McIntire


Young, bright, and incredibly passionate, Daniel is the epitome of combining business and yoga.

Through is proven track record, Daniel has been able to build his yoga business and influence all through Instagram. His posts are thoughtful, thought out, and thought provoking. Talk about some yoga inspiration!

Doesn’t this post just inspire you and warm your heart?

Check out more of his yoga poses on his Instagram– each post has a special caption that makes us look forward to every one of his posts!

Valerie Sagun


Valerie is the embodiment of body positivity and self-love.

Based out of the Bay Area, Valerie smashes the traditional thought that to be a yogi, you have to be skinny. Through her own yoga journey that she shares constantly on her feed, she has found pure happiness and joy through honoring her body.

Her first book, “Big Gal Yoga: Poses and Practices to Celebrate Your Body and Empower Your Life” was released in 2017. Go give her a follow today and check out here website below!

Mary Ochsner


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🙆🏼‍♀️DO YOU HAVE TIGHT HIPS?!🙆🏼‍♀️ . 💁🏼‍♀️These beginner friendly poses will stretch the hips! ALWAYS modify if needed 💁🏼‍♀️ ⭐️If you found this video helpful, please share it with a friend!😘 . Poses include: 🌸YOGA SQUAT: Stand wide, toes out and sit low. Heels press down, but if they lift it’s okay! Use elbows to open knees. ⭐️TO MODIFY: Sit on a block! I promise you’ll still get an amazing stretch! . 🌼COBBLER POSE: Bring bottoms of the feet together, spine stretches tall & fold. . 🌺CHEST CIRCLES: Sit in cobbler pose. Make giant circles around with your chest, but keep hips on the mat. This stretches the hip joint! . 🌻LOW LUNGE > LIZARD: Oh this is my favorite!! 🤗 Start in low lunge. Front knee directly over ankle! Sink into the hips and keep the back knee lifted & straight 👉🏼For Lizard: Hands come to inside of foot – and walk the front foot out slightly. Toes can point diagonally. Find an arm position that works for you. This is a deep stretch, but it shouldn’t be sharp or painful! ⭐️For max results hold for a full minute or two on both sides. If that is too much, hold for as long as you can! PS This video is sped up! . 🌷WARRIOR 2: This pose builds strength AND flexibility. Sink as deep as you can, widen stance to go deeper, shorten stance to modify! Front knee presses back toward the outer edge of the foot. You should realllly feel this in your hips! . . 💁🏼‍♀️What is your favorite hip stretch?! . @bestyoga @yogafeature @yoga.tutorials @inflexibleyogis @yogapractice @howtopracticeyoga @yogagoals @yogastrike @yogacertified @yoga.vids @yoga @yogaselfpractice @worldofyoga @yogspiration @yoga_digest @halonayoga @yoga.tuts #dailyyoga #yogadaily #doyouyoga #myyogalife #myyogapractice #yogaeveryday #dailypractice #practicedaily #yogagirl #yogateacher #yogainstructor #yogainspiration #yogainspo #yogalooksgood #yogaaddict #yogafitness #homeyoga #yogavideo #yogagoals #yogaposes #inflexibleyogis #beginneryoga #yogaforbeginners #newyogi #yogaflow #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #hipsdontlie #hips

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Need some fresh yoga flows or new ideas? Check out Mary Ochsner!

Super cute and fun, Mary creates wonderful videos full of great content. From poses to help you sleep, home workouts if you can’t get to the gym and helpful corrections for common poses, her feed is great for anyone who feels a little stuck in their practice.

She goes through all the poses and evolution you should go through to be able to accomplish even the toughest poses like scorpion or king Pidgeon. YAS!

Of course, this is just a few of all the inspirational yogis on Instagram. The number of following doesn’t dictate how great a yogi can be, so be sure to take a good look – there might be great gems to find.

Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite yogis below!


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