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By Maya León

Hey all! Thank you so much for participating in the first Social Media Spotlight Challenge from this past month! You can see last month’s winners on our Instagram. It’s now already time for a new cycle and a new chance to let your creativity shine! Here are the December industries and topics:

This Month’s Contests

All posts are due in 2 weeks from the call for submissions – Monday, December 17th this time – so be sure to meet the deadline or we won’t be able to review your work!


Best Winter Beard


Best Holiday Nails


Best Yoga for Digestion

How do you enter?

Entering is simple. Send all submissions to and include the following:

What your post needs:

Your Name:
Your Business Name:
Industry: (industry post of the month)
Instagram Handle:
Facebook Page:


Maya Edge
Maya’s Massage
Massage: Best Massage Tip
Insta: @mayamassage
FB: Maya’s Abdominal Massage
Video File: Maya’s Best Massage Tip
“Here’s my sample massage tip!”

Last Month’s Winners

Before you get cracking on your most badass post that has the chance to win you more social media following and Free Automated Marketing (valued at up to $600) for a whole year, check out our 3 fantastic November winners and some notes about what made their posts great to up your chances of being one of this month’s winners!

Best Fall Colored Hair

Industry: Hair
Artist: Rashelle Hernandez
Biz: Mirror Mirror Hair Studio
Facebook: mirrormirrorhair_rashelle
Instagram: @MirrorMirror.HairByRashelle
Caption: 👑 All the 🍁Fall vibes, balayage+shaded roots aren’t only for blondes! Loving all the rich tones 👑

What Makes This Post Awesome:

  • Gorgeous, beautifully-lit photos. For quick pics with your cell phone, natural lighting is the way to go! Unless you’ve got a more produced set up, lash is usually too harsh and jarring.
  • Short and sweet, but not too short! Make sure your opening sentence is catchy whether you’re using one or multiple sentences! And, please do use at least a full sentence. Although social media is primarily reliant on photo and video, one-word captions aren’t really enough to fully engage your viewer.
  • Unique content. It’s less common to see natural redheads featured, so this one edged out a bunch of really incredible hair posts!

Favorite Massage Oil

Industry: Massage
Therapist: Alex Duchscher
Biz: Renewal Tide Massage & Yoga
Facebook: Renewal Tide Massage & Yoga
Instagram: @alexalexmo
Caption: My favorite oil to use as we move into the Fall and Winter when the air is colder and drier and the wind more penetrating, is sesame oil. Grounding and nurturing, this oil also is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And as our skin is our largest organ of absorption, what we put on the skin eventually ends up inside of our bodies. Try a morning ritual of dry brushing the skin to exfoliate, applying sesame oil, waiting about 10-20 mins and then taking a warm shower to let the oil absorb more deeply. And enjoy the wonderful benefits of sesame oil!

What Makes This Post Awesome:

  • Gorgeous, sumptuous imagery that relates directly to the caption and industry topic. This wasn’t a necessity, but we also loved how the orange and golden hues and low lighting were relevant to the Fall season.

  • Great and useful information about why this massage oil is so wonderful. Your current and potential clients will appreciate you all the more when you give them free insight. Branding yourself means creating a lifestyle, and that means focusing on relationships and ideas, not just the service you offer.

Best Peel Tip

Industry: Estheticians
Esthetician: Jena Irby
Biz: SkinFIT Aesthetics
Facebook: SkinFIT Aesthetics (@skinfitaz)
Instagram: @aesthetician_jena
Caption: Chemical Peels are once again becoming an extremely popular way to lighten and brighten the skin. While this is very inspiring, it is also critical that you are seeking the service from a knowledgeable provider. Various lifestyle factors, skin conditions and a client/patient’s heritage all have a critical influence over the success and results of the peel.

Stronger chemical peels are NOT always better. Often “slow and steady” lighter peel options provide the safest, most optimal long term results, especially for those with a higher skin “Fitzpatrick” number.

For fellow estheticians: I also always suggest taking before and after photos prior to the first treatment in the peel series. Sometime clients say “I think I see a difference”, but then when you show them the before and after, they will be even more committed and excited about their chemical peel service with you.

What Makes This Post Awesome:

  • Total. Pro. Honestly, this photo looked so branded, we had to check Jena’s Instagram to make sure she wasn’t using a Rhonda Allison stock photo! Not every post needs to be this studio-level immaculate, but they sure leave a lasting impression! With over 11k followers on Instagram, Jena obviously knows what she’s doing on social. When you hire a photographer to take legit photos like these, take one from Jena and get the biggest bang for your buck while keeping your profile personal. Sprinkle these fresh photos in here and there over time to keep your feed looking polished, but friendly! If you check out Jena’s feed, you’ll notice she does a great job of mixing up professional, product, and before-and-after photos with inspirational texts. It keeps the eye very engaged and interested!

General Tips for Social Media Spotlight Submissions:

  • Include All Info! Please include a photo or video file and actually fill out all the required information! We received a lot of submissions with no photo or caption and/or no content to them at all. Your entry cannot qualify for consideration unless all the criteria are met!
  • Caption length. People want to hear from you and that means formulating a complete sentence or sentences! Here’s an example of a too-short caption and a good length caption:
    Too-Short Caption: Fall colored hair
    Good Caption: I love playing with new techniques and colors and just tried this out with a client today. We had so much fun and she’s so stoked by the results. What do you think? #FallInspiration
    Typically, the best caption length is going to be between 1 sentence and 1 short paragraph. Sometimes it’s necessary to write a bit more to your clients like two of our winners this month, but make sure you’re also being clear and concise with your verbiage!
  • Think Like a Client: Assume the client doesn’t understand your industry jargon. They probably don’t! Make sure your posts emphasize the fun lifestyle associated with your service, not the technical details and verbiage that only other service providers in your industry understand. Jena offered ideas for professionals in her industry, but she did so in a way that was also interesting to the client.
  • Make It Relevant! Make sure your post is actually relevant to the submission topic in question! For example, if the submission topic is about “Best At-Home Massage Tips”, make sure your post actually focuses on that rather than something you do for your clients in the studio.

Need to get refreshed on some more Social Media Spotlight basics? Check out the introduction to the Social Media Spotlight here.

Submissions Due: Monday, December 17th 11:59 p.m. MST

Submit To:

Have fun and good luck!

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