Why Salon Owners Should Use Schedulicity


By Elizabeth Tran

Whether you’re just browsing new scheduling software or just randomly heard of Schedulicity, here are all the reasons why you should strongly consider signing up!

You’re a salon owner, so Busy might just be your middle name. You just don’t have the time to compare 50 scheduling software tools, so we’ll make it easy for you.

Let’s review why you should use Schedulicity as a salon owner, and we’re sure we’ll convince you!

Get Your Salon Schedule Organized

Managing a salon carries many moving parts. You have 5 employees, 6 different schedules including you…as well as all the clients that come with it. And don’t forget your personal schedule! There’s just no time to rummage through multiple calendars.

Schedulicity allows you to see all your appointments and personal time in one place. You can even access appointment details, store notes, and set up other employees’ appointments. Sync your Google Calendar along with it, too! We just want to make it easy for salon owners – and remove the stress of repetitive, tedious tasks.

Book Appointments Online with Ease

We always see businesses posting their available times online, but they tell the client to call to book an appointment. What era are we in?

The Internet!

Clients now expect businesses to all be online with a full booking experience too. Why do we need to continue calling, which also interrupts your quality appointment times? Typically, the client’s first choice will not be available, turning into phone tag for days. Why not put your schedule online, so they do know when you’re free – and ready to book?

Schedulicity provides the features for a client to browse your open schedule and book an appointment for a service of their choice – instantly. You can block out how long a service would take, so it properly adjusts in your calendar automatically.

Now, do you agree that online appointment bookings can save you time?

Experience a World-Class Support Team

There are many other scheduling software tools to choose from, but what is our main differentiator? We have a world-class support team that walks you through everything. It doesn’t help when you’re spending 3 hours to manually enter your new client list when we can just do it for you. Migrating is one of the top issues our new businesses face, but it’s just one of the things our awesome support team solves!

We build a bond with all our businesses, so you can feel comfortable to come to us anytime you need. Remember those Discover customer service commercials? That’s just a fraction of what we are.

Ping us in the purple button on the website (on the bottom right) and we’ll get back to you almost immediately. We help streamline your salon business – not an additional headache for you!

Automatically Grow Your Salon Business

We’re not just a scheduling software. We provide all the marketing tools needed to continue growing your business.

Online business listings in the Schedulicity Marketplace bring you visibility for more potential clients. We drive thousands of clients everyday to our site, and in turn send you more traffic. Not only that, we offer Automated Marketing and Client Text Reminders to help you engage with your current contacts.

Schedulicity’s Automated Marketing feature allows you to set up automated email templates for special occasions like wishing a Happy Birthday, sending a Thank You, and more. As salon owners, nurturing personal relationships is essential. Though, you just don’t have the time to wish 20 people a day a Happy Birthday, even if you wanted to. We make it easy for you to maintain a close relationship with your clients with Automated Marketing – and you can even include a special discount for their next appointment to get them to rebook!

Another common struggle for salon owners? No-shows and cancelled appointments. We lessen the impact by automatically sending Client Text Reminders, so that you can get a heads up on a potential cancelled appointment. It saves you time from sending manual reminders, but also saves you revenue as you can instantly rebook with the early notice.

Manage Your Salon on The Go

Again, no-shows and cancelled appointments can abruptly interrupt your schedule. You’re most likely not going to be in front of a computer. Don’t fret. You can handle the situation by sending out an email of open appointment times and scheduling an appointment with just the Schedulicity Business mobile app.

Our app allows you to access your client list, book appointments, and more for easy scheduling needs.

Schedulicity Brings Value for Your Investment

As you take advantage of all our scheduling features for free, experience all the new incoming business you receive from Schedulicity. Would you have gotten all the easy traffic without online scheduling? First, we streamline your salon business by organizing your scheduling. Then, we take it up a notch by helping you expand with marketing tools that engage your clients throughout the year. Let’s not forget the added bonus of a world-class support team! We provide all the resources to help your salon succeed, so don’t be shy.

Use Schedulicity for your salon business! Sign up here.

Happy Booking!

Schedulicity is the leading online appointment, class and workshop scheduling system and platform for discovering and booking local services in more than 50 different industries. Consumers in more than 7,700 cities across the U.S. and Canada have booked over 117 million appointments, classes and workshops through Schedulicity.

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