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By October 29, 2018Business Resources, Features


By Maya León

You probably already know this: Social media is one of the best ways to engage current and future clients.

Unlike other forms of marketing, your social media content really lives and breathes when you’re not just directly trying to sell services, but trying to sell your clients on the lifestyle your service portrays (a.k.a your branding)!

Your clients want to trust you as a friend and expert on your talent, knowledge, and mega skillz.

They want to be part of something bigger than just a haircut, a lash extension, or a back adjustment.

They want to jump on board with a fun and inspiring way of living. They want to jump on board with YOU!

As such, you want a hefty portion of your posts to sell your clients on the attitude, lifestyle, and tips that are part of your brand identity and don’t cost you (or them) a thing. Naturally, the best way to convey that is with none other than your handy-dandy Instagram and Facebook accounts!

So, hold onto your hats, folks, we’re starting a new monthly Social Media Spotlight (enviable prize included!) to help you do just that!

What is Social Media Spotlight, you ask?

We want to shine a light on you throughout our social media and blog content. There are so many awesome businesses using Schedulicity, and we want to show you off to the world!

Once a month, we’ll send you an email that introduces the spotlight industries and their post topic of the month. You’ll have 2 weeks to get us your submission, which will focus on building you and your brand by giving your clients sweet knowledge freebies, star-eyes-emoji worthy styling, and more. Once we’ve got your submission, we’ll select the winners (hopefully YOU!) and send out prizes, as well as a link to the month’s Spotlights!

Why should you participate?

Social Media Spotlight is a free promotion for your business! We have thousands of potential clients visiting our website and social media every day and want to send them to YOU! Let us help you get more appointments booked and share the Schedulicity love!

WIIFM (a.k.a. What’s in it for me?)

Other than a sexier, stronger brand identity and getting featured on the Schedulicity social media accounts, your reward is ‘uuuge.

You get our latest and greatest feature: Free automated marketing for a year (!!) complete with 1 free consultation session on making the most of our new automated marketing feature!

From our Beta testing alone, our “set it and forget it” automated marketing has driven more traffic and more revenue to those who have used it, with one business reporting an added revenue of over $2000.

Your Automated Marketing prize package is valued at $600! Woot!!

How do you enter?

Entering is simple. Send all submissions to and include the following:

What your post needs:

Your Name:
Your Business Name:
Industry: (industry post of the month)
Instagram Handle:
Facebook Page:


Maya Edge
Maya’s Massage
Massage: Best Massage Tip
Insta: @mayamassage
FB: Maya’s Abdominal Massage
Video File: Maya’s Best Massage Tip
“Here’s my sample massage tip!”

Sample Post

“Give your own tummy a rub! Ideally, abdominal massage happens every day, but it’s not realistic for your schedule or budget to have an appointment with me that often. The solution? Perform abdominal massage on yourself! Here’s one of our trade secrets you can use at home: Starting at the very lower left hand corner of your abdomen, use your fingers to make a small, but deep circling motions down into the abdominal wall. Move the placement of your fingers about an inch each time in a clockwise (from your perspective) spiral, circling in toward your belly button. Once you’re next to your navel, reverse the process back out again!”

Tips for making your post awesome:

  • Keep the tone fun and conversational.
  • Break it up. Shorter sentences usually work best in quick-read marketing like social media.
  • Sprinkle in an emoji here and there to keep the eye engaged.
  • Instagram products like Layout, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang as well as GIF creation apps are great tools for a fun post. Visit Google Play or the App Store to download any or all of these free apps.
  • Make your photos eye-candy worthy. Small differences in lighting, camera angle and more can make your photos (and videos) magic. Check out some tips for making beautiful Instagram photos here.
  • If you’re having fun making your post, followers will have fun too!


All posts are due in 2 weeks from the call for submissions – Tuesday, November 13th for this first one – so be sure to meet the deadline or we won’t be able to review your work!


Best Fall Colored Hair


Favorite Massage Oil


Best Peel Tips

What if there isn’t a submission option for my industry?

Not all industries are represented this first month, but don’t worry. We’ll be including other industries every month!

Other questions?

Send ‘em the same place you send your submission:

Have fun and good luck!

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