5 Ways to Boost Your Business Online this Holiday Season

Boost Your Business Online This Holiday Season - Schedulicity Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools


By Kristi Burk

If you’re like us in the Schedulicity office, you may be thinking “I can’t believe the holidays are already here!” According to digitalcommerce360.com, online holiday shopping will increase by almost 16% and online shoppers are poised to spend about $120 billion (USD) in the 2018 holiday season. Take advantage of the holiday frenzy by planning now – and Schedulicity is here to help! Think of us as your ‘helper elf’ with our marketing tools and resources.

These are Schedulicity’s top 5 ways to boost business online this holiday season:

1. Get festive with your virtual storefront.

You’ve probably been thinking about your decorations for your physical location, so why not go one step further and decorate your social media profiles, your Business Listing on Schedulicity and even your website? Upload a festive picture of your storefront window or of you and your staff in silly sweaters. It just takes a couple minutes of your time, but brings you more attention.

2. Stay active on social media.

Get personal! Put your social media accounts to work and tell a story! You choose whether it’s inspirational, heartwarming, or funny. By sharing, you’ll be more relatable to your followers as they can learn more about you and your staff. Your social followers may even re-share! That just means more online visibility for you! Social media is one of the best ways to market and grow your business. Who doesn’t love a good story during the holidays?

3. Send holiday greetings to your clients and thank them for their business.

If you don’t have time to write hand-written cards to each client, take advantage of Schedulicity’s Client Communications. Holiday email greetings are the key to showing appreciation to your clients during this holiday season. You can select a holiday themed template, customize a message, and possibly even include a discount as a holiday gift with our Deal Manager option. This is a great way to show a little love to those clients that make your business successful throughout the year.

Boost Your Business Online This Holiday Season - Schedulicity Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools
Boost Your Business Online This Holiday Season - Schedulicity Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools
Boost Your Business Online This Holiday Season - Schedulicity Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools

4. Offer a holiday promo.

Holiday promotions can help you stay busy during this season without much effort. Schedulicity is another helping hand that you can rely on 24/7. Using Deal Manager, you can set up your own discount (including how long it’s offered/when they can book) and distribute on your own as you like (think social media, emails, holiday cards, etc). Our Fill My Book feature helps you get those hard-to-fill spots booked by automatically offering deals – but you still have total control over what kind of specials and how many discounts are offered. These Fill My Book offers show up in Schedulicity’s deal tile as well as your “Offers” tab in your marketplace listing.

5. Give back to your favorite charity.

Because this is the season for giving, why not send a percentage of your earnings to your favorite charity? It’s a great way to give back, but also makes you and your clients feel good about your business. Your clients will find higher value in purchasing your services, knowing a portion is being used towards the community. Check out the ways these companies incorporated giving into their holiday marketing. Print out an informational poster or post online with social media to let your clients know of your donations. Clients may be more inclined to purchase or schedule something with you. Who knows? You may even inspire them to also give back to their favorite charities!

The holiday season can be hectic, but you can do all of these 5 things to boost your business online – easily. Schedulicity is your helper elf this season, so take advantage of all the features to keep growing your business. Get festive and stay active online. We’ll give you the resources to help you along the way!

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