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Re-engagement emails are game changers when it comes to ensuring repeat clientele. With so many options out there, it’s harder than ever for businesses to bring people back. Re-engagement emails go a long way towards converting first-time visitors into regulars. It’s also a great way to remind your regulars that they miss you. 😉

Schedulicity’s automated re-engagement emails allow you to set your preferences once and then check it off of your to-do list. You can trust that if it has been six months since a client has scheduled with you, they will receive your re-engagement email. You can also choose to discount a service and the discount will be included when they book with the link in their email.

Make It Personal

Using your client’s first name is the first step to reminding them of your emotional bond. No one feels warm and fuzzy when those coupon books come in the mail addressed to “current resident” even if the coupons are really good. This is why Schedulicity automatically populates the first name of your clients into the Re-engagement email.

Keep It Simple

Use friendly, personal greetings, but don’t ramble. Avoid being too emotional in your appeal – while some may appreciate the humor, others could meet it with a cringe. At this point many businesses already send emails with a variation of “Please don’t tell me we’re breaking up!” Try something a little bit silly without sounding dramatic like Loft: their email reads “We miss you like shoulder pads miss the ’80s” and it feels more like a fun message from a friend rather than a guilt trip from an ex.

Offer Incentive

Offering a deal goes a lot further than a message alone. Schedulicity allows you attach a discount for your services that will be added and tracked through your account when they book online from the link in their email. If you don’t want to offer a discount you could also offer a gift, small product, or entry into a special raffle for anyone who tells you the “secret code word” when they come in for an appointment.

Give Them FOMO

Do you offer a new service or have new technology or skills that you didn’t have six months ago? Include that information. Highlight the benefits and remind them what they are missing. This one is slightly more advanced since you’ll probably want to update the information in it at least every six months.

Whatever you decide to do will be a huge improvement over not having this kind of re-engagement effort, so get started today! Claim your space in your clients inbox, and help them remember that your business is unforgettable.

automated marketing
automated marketing
automated marketing

Re-engagement messages go out on the first of the month to every client in your list that hasn’t booked in 6 months.

If you haven’t already started collecting email addresses for your clients, it’s a fantastic time to start! When someone books online with you on Schedulicity, their email address will be added to your client list, and they will be enrolled in your automated messaging.

The other features included with Automated Marketing like Time to Book and Thank You emails can also help you offer easy discounts to your clients. So you can decide if you’d like to offer them even more incentive than the already quick and convenient online scheduling.

Set it, forget it, and increase your monthly revenue.

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