Automated Marketing “Thank You” Messages Build Rapport

By September 24, 2018Business Resources, Features

Schedulicity businesses are upping their game by sending their clients thank you emails for their visits. Sounds timely, right? With Automated Marketing, our automatic emails allow you to look like a rockstar with only ten minutes of work.

This optional piece of Automated Marketing allows you to hit your clients’ inboxes with a “thank you” message 24 hours after they come in for their appointment, class or workshop. You can choose for these messages to hit all of your clients after their visits, or just after their first visit with you.

These messages are a great way to send extra bits of information like:

  • Follow up instructions: e.g. how to safely take gel nails off, stretching recommendations after a fitness class, how to keep your pet’s hair clean…
  • Book their next appointment: have your clients book their next appointment now, before your calendar fills up or they’ve forgotten and their hair looks terrible for the wedding they’re in the next day.
  • Simple thank you: how nice are you for reaching out individually to thank them for their business? 😉

Once you “set and forget” your thank you messages, we’ll remind you weekly of how they’re performing for you. We’ll send you an email with information like how many of each email type we’ve sent on your behalf, as well as the number of bookings generated from those emails.

The best thing about this feature is that it’s responsive to your schedule. Other schedulers and email softwares are separate – with Schedulicity, a client visits and they’re automatically triggered to get an email. No back and forth between softwares which means way less time for you.

If you haven’t already started collecting email addresses for your clients, it’s a fantastic time to start! The other features included with Automated Marketing like Birthday and Re-engagement emails can also help you offer easy discounts to your clients. So you can decide if you’d like to offer them even more incentive than the already quick and convenient online scheduling.

When someone books online with you on Schedulicity, their email address will be added to your client list, and they will be enrolled in your automated messaging. If you want to add an email address to a current client’s profile, do so in the client tab here.

Set it, forget it, and increase your monthly revenue.

Learn more about Automated Marketing here!

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