New Monthly Booking Class View

By September 14, 2018Features, Updates
Monthly Class View - Schedulicity - Free Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools
Monthly Class View - Schedulicity - Free Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools

We’ve made an even better experience for clients booking a class with you! Now when clients hit your marketplace listing on the web, they can choose to look at your class offerings in a monthly view.

How it works:

We added a toggle on the Classes tab of your business listing so that your clients can switch between our traditional list view and the new calendar view. Clients can click through the months in the calendar view as far into the future as your scheduling policy allows.

The start time and name of each class is surfaced for up to 5 classes. If there is more than 5 classes that day, 4 classes and ‘+  X other events’ appears. Clicking on ‘+ X other events’ launches a pop-up with a list of all classes available that day.

Full classes display as FULL and are grayed out. Cancelled classes display as ‘Cancelled’ with a strikethrough and are also grayed out. Classes with 6 or fewer slots remaining display a call-out alerting the user to this with the number of spots remaining in yellow alert on the row. If the class had 6 or fewer total slots to begin with, the countdown begins at 2 spots left. Finally, days with no classes are greyed out.

Clicking on a specific class launches a pop-up with the class details and the ability to begin the booking process.

This new monthly class view creates an even better booking experience for your clients looking for the right classes that fit in their schedule!

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