Automated Marketing “Time To Book” Messages Increase Revenue

By September 12, 2018Business Resources, Features

Top Schedulicity businesses have added thousands of dollars to their monthly income using “Time to Book” Automated Marketing messages. They are simple messages automatically sent to your clients to remind them that it’s time to book!

Simply decide how often do your regulars usually come in? What is your recommended time between visits? Then customize your quick message.

Once you have that set and have turned on the Time to Book messages, you’ll show up in your client’s email inboxes, and automatically offer them the convenience of a one-step link to book with you.

Set it, forget it, and watch the results in your metrics and reports. You can experiment with different time frames to feel out what works the best. Here are some good recommended estimates to start from:
Manicure: 2-3 Weeks
Pedicure: 3-4 Weeks
Wax: 3-6 Weeks
Hair Cuts: 6-12 Weeks

Many services may even require more frequent visits if you’re a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Cleaning Service, Teacher/Tutor or one of the other dozens of professions supported by Schedulicity. You probably don’t want to e-mail your clients too often, but if you can predict when they might want to book your service, your messages will feel helpful and be appreciated.

The best thing about this feature is that it’s responsive to your schedule. If someone has already booked an appointment with you, they won’t get a Time to Book email. But six weeks later (or whichever timeframe you choose), if they haven’t booked since their last appointment, they will automatically receive this email.

If you haven’t already started collecting email addresses for your clients, it’s a fantastic time to start! The other features included with Automated Marketing like Birthday and Re-engagement emails can also help you offer easy discounts to your clients. So you can decide if you’d like to offer them even more incentive than the already quick and convenient online scheduling.

When someone books online with you on Schedulicity, their email address will be added to your client list, and they will be enrolled in your automated messaging. Learn more here:

Set it, forget it, and increase your monthly revenue.

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