Substitute Teachers for Classes & Workshops!

By July 19, 2018Features, Updates
Substitute teachers - Schedulicity - Free online scheduling and marketing software

Attention Class & Workshop Businesses:

You can now mark an instructor as a substitute when editing your classes or workshops! For example: Sheila is subbing for Sarah? Simply edit the class or workshop session(s) with the new instructor and click the “Substitute” check box and Sheila will now appear as substitute teaching the session.

Once you’ve updated the session(s), the class or workshop details on the web roster will then indicate a “(Substitute) Sheila”. This way, you can keep track of who taught which session, and your clients will know that Sheila is teaching instead of Sarah.

Your reports will also show when someone has subbed for another teacher. The Schedule by Provider and Agenda View reports now have visual indications when an instructor was marked as a substitute. A new “Substitute” column has been added to the export for each report. This will make your payment to instructors easier to track!

If you have an account already, try the substitute teacher feature here.

Substitute Teachers - Schedulicity - Free Online Scheduling & Marketing Tools

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