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How exciting is it that you want to not accept new clients booking online? Being that busy or focused on your current clients is such a wonderful thing! So first off, congrats. Now, let’s talk about what this means for you:

What does this mean

A new client is defined as one who has never booked with the business (online or behind the counter). If the client doesn’t exist on the client list within the business, they will not be allowed to book online. Also, if a business deletes a client, they will be blocked from booking online.

How to update your settings

We’ve updated the new client policy area under the general policies page to accommodate the newly added functionality of “No new clients.” Now the policy has three option to choose from: “allow new clients to book online”, “new clients are required to show up for their first booking before they can regularly book online”, and “do not allow new client to book online”. Only one option can be saved at a time.

Follow the link above to edit your booking settings, or navigate to the settings tab in your account, click the “policies” tile, then click “general policies” tile. Make sure to click save once you’ve changed your settings!

Schedulicity - Online Scheduling Software - No new clients feature

What clients see

With the no new clients option, clients will see a “no new client” banner on all of the marketplace listing pages for that business. “(Business name) is only accepting bookings with existing clients. No new clients can book at this time.” is the message that will display to all clients, regardless of whether they are a new client or not.

This message will also display on every page of the booking workflow. Since clients don’t sign in until after the extras page, it will show this message to all users, both new and existing. New clients will not see the book it screen but instead be redirected back to the services, class or workshop list with the message “Sorry, (business name) is not accepting new clients at this time.”

Unlike web, iOS and Android will not display that message on every page due to the size of the screen.

Schedulicity - Online Scheduling Software - No new clients feature

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