Schedulicity Updates 6/14/2018

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Schedulicity Updates - Free Online Scheduling Software

This week’s Schedulicity updates

We love bringing you the updates you ask for! Check back on theĀ Schedulicity blog every couple of weeks and see what new and exciting Schedulicity updates, features and releases we’ve created just for you!

Adding client name to the refund transaction details (iOS business app)

We’ve added the client’s name to both the transaction details and the refund transaction details. The client’s name will be listed at the top and will allow users to link to the client profile.

Ability to select a start date when creating auto billing

We’ve added the ability for you to choose a start date when setting up auto billing for their clients. The client is still required to have a card on file for auto billing to be set up, even if the start date is in the future.

The start date options will display a max of 90 days into the future. Instead of a “charge” button on the confirmation screen, it now says “confirm.” Once created, the cadence will display with a “not yet started” label. The business can edit the start date of a not-yet-started cadence until the client is billed.

Client bypassing for not-yet-started auto billing works differently than other auto billing statuses. Clients are able to bypass payment preferences based on the start date. For example, if a client’s auto billing start date is July 1st they would be able to bypass payment when booking a visit after July 1st but would be required to follow whatever payment preferences are set when booking visits on dates before July 1st. For workshops that have sessions both before and after the start date, they would be required to follow whatever payment preference is set.

Display class/workshop notifications plus booked information on the enrollment details for classes and workshops

We are now displaying “booked on” details along with notifications details for classes and workshops within the enrollment details page. This information will display under the details of the class/workshop. Much like the services details, we will display sent and bounced notifications information along with who booked the class and when it was booked.

Filter services, classes and workshops by payment preference

We’ve added a filter for payment preferences to the service, classes and workshop lists for businesses who are using the payment add-on. The filter defaults to all, with the other options being “No payment”, “Hold credit card”, “Full Pre-payment”, and “Deposit”. If a filter is chosen that doesn’t have results, the message “No results found. Please try adjusting the search criteria.” will display.

Option to text client from client profile (iOS business app)

Business users can now send a text message from the client’s profile on their iOS business app. You will see a phone and message icon if there is a phone number on file for the client from the profile. Once you select the row, you will see the options to call, message, or cancel. If message is selected, the user is taken to a new iMessage with that number entered.

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