Another NEW feature: Multiple Location Management

By September 12, 2017Updates

We try to avoid blasting you with emails — but when features keep coming out this fast, we feel pretty good about it. And that’s what we’re doing: announcing the latest feature from Schedulicity…

The ability to manage all your business locations under one account. Tada!

The Multiple Location add-on has a flat rate of $5/month for your Main Location account. Nice and simple!

Once you get the add-on, you can either link existing Schedulicity businesses or create a new business. This means you will be able to keep your calendar and client list for each location separate, and use a single login to manage it all! It is even built into the iOS business app, so you can jump between all of your locations on the go, too! Clients will be able to toggle between your locations while booking (even on the client apps)! Your locations will maintain their own add-ons and personalized settings. Admins can choose who has access to which accounts.The Multiple Location add-on has a flat rate of $5/month for your Main Location account. Nice and simple!



Step 1.

In your account, navigate to the settings page (the cog icon on the left-hand navigation) and click into the “Subscription” page.

Step 2.

In this page, under Add-ons, click the blue “manage” button. In the Multiple Location box, click the option to “add”. Then, be sure to click “save”.

Step 3.

Now navigate back to your settings page and click on your new “Multiple Location” tile. This is where you can link and manage your locations!

When you want to switch between locations, click on your menu in the upper left hand corner of your account and you’ll see your locations listed. This is the same on the business app, too! You can learn more in this video!

We’re thrilled to be rolling out features faster than ever! Thanks for all of your love. We couldn’t do it without you and your support!

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