Auto-Billing is Here!

By August 17, 2017Updates

With the release of our newest add-on feature today, Auto Billing, Schedulicity has the tools to make class and workshop businesses thrive:

PAYMENTS: Accept payments right from your account through our trusted payment processors, Stripe or our preferred partner, Square.
PACKAGE MANAGEMENT: Offer bundled services, classes or workshops
AUTO BILLING: Charge your clients on a monthly recurrence for unlimited classes or workshops

Dare we say, Schedulicity has gotten classy?




Schedulicity’s auto billing add-on allows you to charge your clients monthly for unlimited classes and workshops. Once you get your clients set up with their auto billing plan, you sit back and relax — Schedulicity takes care of charging while you focus on your business and your life.


You can always access, edit or cancel a client’s auto billing subscription in their profile under the Auto Billing panel. The summary will include a valid date (dates for which the plan is active), next bill date, final bill date (if an expiration is set), and the monthly price.

Do you charge an initial setup cost? Easy – include the setup cost in the monthly price when setting up their plan and charge for the first billing. As soon as the charge has gone through and the subscription is setup, edit the price back to the monthly price so that the next billing will only be the monthly cost (it won’t charge them again until the next bill date).

Once you have set a client up with auto billing, they can book classes or workshops on their end without submitting any payment. They will see a message letting them know that auto billing is being used for their enrollment. When clients are checking into a class or workshop, businesses can see that they have already paid using the auto billing subscription. You can also access an auto billing report to see estimated monthly revenue from subscriptions, and view all active and failed subscriptions in one place.

The add-on is currently offered only for unlimited classes and workshops, with services coming in the near future. Also coming soon are client notifications when auto billing has failed, and auto billing in the iOS business app.

As an add-on, the auto billing feature is priced at $5/month for solo providers and $10/monthly for multiple providers. You can get the add-on in your subscriptions page, and then go into a client’s profile to add auto billing to their account.

Do you love how fast our features have been coming out? We’re listening and we’re grinding away to give you what you need! Keep an eye out in these newsletters for the new features we have cooking up! As always, if you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact support at


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