6/13/17: Square Integration is HERE!

By June 13, 2017Updates

Our number one feature request, Square integration, is here-woohoo! You can now use your Square card reader to check out clients directly from your Schedulicity account!

If you already have a Square account, you can easily link it to your Schedulicity account by going to the Subscription page, clicking the ‘Manage’ button, and adding the payment option.

What are the benefits of linking your Square account to Schedulicity?

  • You can charge directly from your appointments in Schedulicity. No need to go back and forth between apps.
  • Transactions display on your appointments for quick, easy accessibility
  • Refund directly from your appointments or from your complete transaction list within Schedulicity
  • All of transactions will be accessible from your Schedulicity account for easy management (this doesn’t include transactions before the integration)

And coming in July at no extra charge…

  • Accept Prepayment
  • Accept Deposit
  • Require a credit card to be held when clients book online
  • Export all of your transactions directly from Schedulicity
  • All transactions will be associated with your client’s record whether they pay in person or online

In July, we’ll be adding the ability to collect deposit, prepayment & no-show protection when clients book online.

First release with Square includes: 

  • Process an in-person payment using a Square magstripe reader, a Square Stand, or the Square contactless + chip reader (processing fee is 2.75% per transaction)
  • Process refunds for Square within the transaction details of Schedulicity
  • Accept gratuity
  • Send receipts

Heads up for current Stripe users:  If you love Stripe, not to worry – you can still use Stripe as your choice of processor. At this time, you can only be connected to one payment processor via Schedulicity. That means, if you connect to Square you will not be able to use your Stripe account through Schedulicity any longer. As a heads up, whatever client credit cards you have stored in Stripe will not be automatically moved over to your Square account if you switch processors. Have questions? Be sure to reach out to the rockers!

We are excited to get this in your hands! Get hooked up with Square today. Turn on the payment add-on for a limited time only cost of $5/month for a single-provider business, $10/month for a multiple-provider businesses! Get swiping!

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