Update: 2/16/17

By February 17, 2017Updates

More updates! Here are some of the latest updates/changes:

Problem Email Addresses Report

We made some minor changes to this report and the validation process. Problem email addresses are email addresses that we have had a hard time delivering to. These could have failed to send for a couple of reasons.

Here is some helpful information on how businesses can manage these email addresses if you notice this within your account:

To help manage these “bad” emails we have a way to view the list within the Email Marketing message you sent. I think the easiest way to view and manage these addresses, though, is by using our special report. Here is how to do that:

  1.        Navigate to the Reports tab
  2.        Select the Problem Email Addresses report

Here, you’ll see the addresses that have bounced in the past. As a result, we have stopped attempting to send emails to these addresses until the client’s email is edited or verified by you. Here is how to verify just in case you have some on that list:

  1.        Select the client’s name to be redirected to their client profile
  2.        You will notice that their email address within the profile has a red warning icon next to it
  3.        Select the “edit” button on the top right-hand side of the screen. If the email address is correct, then go ahead and select the “verify” button on the client’s profile to remove that warning. If it isn’t correct, change or edit whatever you need to!
  4.        Save your changes
  5.        Now, we’ll start sending messages out to this client again 🙂

Ability to Select Currency

Businesses can now view and edit their payment currency within Settings-Payment so that their records and receipts use the correct currency. You may also notice that the Settings-Payment page got a little face lift, just keepin’ it fresh!

Recorded Revenue Report

We added the ability for businesses to export a list of transactions so that you can reconcile their register for the day. You can access the export under Settings-Payment. The export will be available if any transactions exist but keep in mind, the export is not available for associate/provider logins.

You can search and export the transactions via confirmation number(s), date range, and tender type (or a combination of options).

Prepping for Package Management

Yup, that’s right, package management is coming to an online scheduler near you! 😉 Our development team has been working hard to lay the groundwork for this feature. We can’t wait to get this feature out to you guys. Stay tuned!

We are constantly working on updating and improving the system, if you have any questions and/or feedback, please feel free to contact us at support@schedulicity.com!

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