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Class scheduling.

That can sound like a dirty word if you’re in the fitness industry.

There comes a certain time of the year or quarter when you have to sit down and map out what classes you’re going to offer, when you’re going to offer them, and how to coordinate clients into the schedule.

It can seem like an overwhelming task with far too many moving pieces.

So how can you plan a class schedule without forgetting any important aspects?

Here are four tools you can use to make it far easier to plan your class schedule.

1. Visual Mapping Tool for Planning Ahead

It can be difficult to map anything out if you can’t see it visually. That’s why it’s a good idea to dot your “I”s and cross your “t”s by using a visual tool while you’re working on what classes to schedule when.

The key is to be able to see all holidays, potential conflicts and offerings where they’re easy to move around.

That way you can change anything that may not work out before you set the schedule in stone.

One really helpful tool is as basic as they come: a package of Post-It notes and a large piece of poster board. Divide the poster board into days like a calendar, and use the Post-It notes to move the classes around as a visual representation.

2. Project Management Tool for Organization

Project management tools are usually left for designers, developers and online companies with remote workforces.

This is a shame, though, because they can be very helpful for your online class scheduling needs.

If you use a free project management tool like Asana, you can map out exactly which classes you want to schedule when, and keep all documentation for each class together in one place.

Project management tools let you delegate some tasks, add notes and files to a specific “project,” and allow members of your team to have access to the project as well.

As you plan your class schedule, a free project management tool can really help you keep all of your notes and work in one place so you don’t feel the overwhelm that can happen with class scheduling.

3. Free Online Scheduling Tool for Client Registration

One of the most important parts of organizing your class schedule is planning it in such a way that you make it very easy for clients to RSVP.

If you’ve ever had a schedule where this wasn’t the case, you know that things can get quite confusing. Without having accurate head counts as to who will be attending which class, it’s difficult to organize upcoming schedules, as well as determine which classes have been the most popular after the fact.

If you’ve ever avoided online scheduling programs because they are too expensive, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, the new Schedulicity offers a free online scheduling service that allows you to manage your classes for free. Students can register for your classes online through Schedulicity giving you can have an accurate picture of how many people are attending each class.

4. Free Survey Tool for Client Feedback

When you’re planning class schedules for your fitness business, one thing that can be helpful is to find out from your clients which classes your clients have preferred in the past.

That’s where a free survey tool comes in.

Set up a survey with a free tool like Google Forms and send it out to your clients via email. Ask questions about the times that work best for your clients, which classes they preferred and if applicable which locations work best for them.

Using a free tool like Google Forms will help you organize your classes to meet the schedules of your clients, so you can ensure that each class is full and you maximize your time.

Class scheduling can be hectic, but if you are organized and enlist the help of a few tools to compile client feedback, help you plan ahead, and make it easy for clients to register for each class, it becomes a lot easier.

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